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Alright, This is open to much needed interpretation

the end of the dream:
I was spiraling down a tunnel in a roller coaster it was going at an average
speed. the more I went down it the better my vision or eyesight got. it was
like HD on steroids. I then started to think about what happened to the
children and that what happened to them might happened to me. So I tried
waking up so i opened my eyes, I opened my eyes and.. nothing.. I could feel
my eyes open i could feel myself blink but it didnt change i was still stuck
in that tunnel. then i noticed i couldnt move my body all i could do was blink
my eyes. so i kept them open and tried to move even though i couldnt. i started
to feel like i was coming out of it but idno it felt as though my consciousness
was still stuck in there because despite my eyes being open i could only see
the tunnel and not my room. eventually my vision returned from the dream and
i was looking at the top corner of the wall facing me to the right
when i was 'out' i decided to do differences.
the more i was in that tunnel the more conscious i became
it was like the more i was in that tunnel the more of my senses and consciousness seemed to return in that tunnel
however this is strange because of the fact i could open my eyes. I tried to open my mouth but it was like trying to move something that wasnt there.
the more the tunnel progressed the more realistic it felt.
ive no idea what would have happened if i reached the end of it. but idno...
maybe next time i have that dream i might not try and wake up just to see what happens
all i can say is the way it feels when i blink and keep my eyes open was exactly the same in that dream
it was like my consciousness was in the real world which allowed me to be in the dream world?
anyways my body was in the real world my consciousness was not. this is proof of when i tried to wake up by blinking it didnt not work
it was like i was carrying what i had into the next

My question is , is this the transition to the next when we die?
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Re: Dream
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I wrote an article on the dream analysis process that I use for hypnosis clients. You can find it here: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/coven_ritual.html?ritual=3483&coven=497 . In short, your dreams are happening in your mind. It is using the laguage and symbolism that you have consciously or unconsciously instilled in it. Others can offer suggestions based on their own internal language, but only you can say what it truly means for you. The process detailed in that article will help you figure that out.

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