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Banish ghosts

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Banish ghosts
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Banish ghosts
Post # 1

I need help with a spell to banish all ghosts from a home, to also prevent any spirits from entering again. I cannot use any aromatics, such as burning sage.

The background here is I recently moved to Malaysia with my fiance so we could be with his family. We live with his parents, aunt, and grandmother until our new condo is finished in a few more months. His aunt claims to see spirits almost daily. I did not hold an opinion on her ability until recently. This ability is causing tension between us now because she absolutely will not step foot near my room. If I ask her for anything, she makes a very big deal out of it and will not speak to me for days. She tells my fiance it is because of the spirits in our room.

I cannot burn anything in the house because his father will be very angry if anyone mentions spiritual things of any kind. I would normally burn sage and then sprinkle salt at each door, but as you can see sage is no longer an option. Another option I considered was charming a necklace she always wears. I do not wish to expose my practice to his family, so I thought to charm it while she bathed. Unfortunately, she locks her bedroom door while she bathes and that prevents me from charming her necklace.

Any advice is much appreciated. I wish to maintain a good relationship with all of his family members. Uninvited guests, like spirits, only harm my wishes.

Thank you so much for any advice!
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Re: Banish ghosts
Post # 2
If you can't get access to this necklace, maybe you could buy her something else that she would wear. Maybe there is a way to cleanse the room without having to use the sage, like saying all the words just without sage.
You could also charm something you can hang in your doorway, make it look like decoration. That could keep the sports out of your room. There are ways to ask the spirits to leave, or compel them to. I don't know how to do this but others on here will, I'm sure. Hope some of this helps. Good luck!
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Re: Banish ghosts
Post # 3
You can banish with energy/visualization, use a sigil, etc.
You you are adept enough and can direct energy, you can still create a link to the object even if you cannot get a hold of it.
But this would need to be done consistently over a period of time, usually a month or so.
What is your intention with this?
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Re: Banish ghosts
Post # 4
it is interesting that the Aunt can see and be aware of spirits on a regular basis, while the rest of the family grows upset at the mention of such topics. I can see how that alone would make for a bit of stress for her.

I am a little confused at how the presence of the spirits is causing stress though. Was their home normally free of 'visitors' until after you arrived? Because if they have always been around, then one would expect their presence to be considered pretty normal for her because they would have been around before you were.

Are the entities negative or malicious? Are they causing trouble, ... Or does she just not like seeing spirits around because the idea makes her uncomfortable... or is it something about the specific spirits that are in your area of the home/associated with you?

If they are friendly spirits you have brought with you, or if they are your guides/guardians or otherwise entities already familiar to you, it might just be a question of connecting with them through some meditation and asking them to hang out somewhere else for a while, at least until you are in your own residence and place of authority where you can welcome them back.
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Re: Banish ghosts
Post # 5
Thank you for the replies! My intention is to keep any spirits from showing themselves to her in general, but if I have to limit it to the home that is also fine. I don't think she would wear anything I bought for her because she only wears this one necklace every day.

She claims to see these spirits every day and just about everywhere. I did not specifically bring any with me. She says that the spirits that come to her need her help to cross over to the other side. She hates seeing them at all.

The first time I heard about her ability, I immediately believed her. Now, not so much. It seems all too convenient that she only sees spirits connected with Chinese superstition. Example being that she won't go to the third floor of any place because it feels eerily unsafe. Regardless, I want to help rid her of spirits if she truly does see them.

More information: she claims that her bedroom and the first floor are "safe zones." She does not see any spirits in these two places. That's from what I've heard though because I cannot get her to speak to me about it. I only have knowledge of what she tells my fiance.

Thank you again!
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Re: Banish ghosts
Post # 6
This does indeed sound like a bit of a sticky one. It honestly sounds like you might have some limited options... at least for the time-being.

The spirits themselves don't sound like they are malicious or harmful, and it doesn't seem like they are actively seeking her out so much as her naturally encountering them just whenever they 'meet in the street' as it were. it can be challenging to banish or push away entities in this sort of scenario, because there isn't really anything to push against. A person would have an easier time with a more specific protection through, such as a shielding from negative energy or influences. At least then that sort of entity could be pushed away.

Another part of the puzzle is that she might not want any help... despite the complaints. Or that she may believe there is no help for it. If her experiences are valid, it may just be that they are not familiar with you enough to know whether it is a topic that would be respected. Hopefully it is just a case of waiting it out for a while for them to open up with you a bit more.

Or, of course, that it may indeed be some other condition that doesn't involve any supernatural forces or expanded senses. The latter may be one reason why the rest of the family is hesitant and protective around the topic- in an attempt to not validate her ideas and make them worse.

There are still a couple things you might be able to do to offer help though. First would be by taking time to get to know them and see if you can learn ways to talk to them about the subject without making them defensive or angry. Sometimes it is just a matter of finding the right setting or appropriate time. or it might take a while of establishing trust or of showing a sharing of their interests like Chinese superstition. Also, you may find other ways to slip her some protection. Like perhaps by charging something different like a bracelet or charm or a figurine from a series she likes to collect. it would be especially easy if she liked natural stones- you could locate a stone pendant or bracelet, or even an earring if she wears those. Then program in a spell of protection from negativity or to draw positive energy/good fortune before giving it to her as a gift.
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Re: Banish ghosts
Post # 7
Try to negotiate out of the situation.
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Re: Banish ghosts
Post # 8
Thanks again for the advice. It seems like I'll just have to wait it out until I can move into my new home. After a few days of trying to find a way to make her speak to me, I see it is futile. She no longer even speaks to me though I have not mentioned ghosts.

She collects cacti, so I bought a cactus and tried my best to charm it to keep spirits and negative energy away from her. Hopefully I will move soon!
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Re: Banish ghosts
Post # 9
How about crystals? I know garnet can remove "evil" by burning it (as in it would burn the ghosts), you could call upon Hecate, as she has power of ghosts then she could make them leave. You could call upon the power of the elements and cleanse the space and banish them. You could ask your spirit guides, they always want to help, but they can't do a thing without your permission. You could use tigers eye, as I believe it can remove negative entities. These are a few ideas, hope this helps!

Blessed be!
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