serious magick question.

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serious magick question.
Post # 1
I am sitting here pondering a serious question. I understand when you cast a spell you send energy into the universe. The energy is in the universe to make your spell work on what your request is. It's like making a wish and sending it out to tge universe and hoping your wish is granted.
What I need to understand and I have been researching and reading on this. I hope I can explain it, what I am hoping someone can answer.

After you put your wish-spell-into the universe, the universe will then make it work. If you are doing a live, come back to me spell on a person, how does the energy get to that person? Regardless if it is a love spell or not. If you send any spell out how and what takes your energy and directs it to the correct object you are casting your spell to?
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Re: serious magick question.
Post # 2
Isn't it just like a wish with focused,energy?
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Re: serious magick question.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I would say it is not like a wish. Wish and prayer are passive forms of energy work. You state what you desire and wait for it to come to you. Spell work is more active. You start with what you want and focus your intent on the 'event' as you find the wording for you spell. You gather items together to aid in bringing about the event. You gather energy as you cast the spell, releasing the spell to the target by imprinting you desire on the energy and focusing on the target. After the spell is cast, you don't stop.
You find ways to get what you want by mundane methods and work those as your spell works.
If it is a love spell, you go out and meet new people, you socialize and stay open to the signs that the spell is working. If it is a job spell, you put out resumes and applications, you listen and look for job opportunities.

As wish or prayer is said and waited on. Magic and spells require you to actively create that which you are looking for as the spell works. You get out of magic practice what you put into it. If a person does a spell for a job and then sits on the couch and does nothing to find one, the job will not come and the spell will not 'work'. The person may hear of jobs, but if they don't get off the couch and wait for the spell to do the work, they don't get the job.
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Re: serious magick question.
Post # 4

Power may be the key, but unbending intent turns static energy into dynamic action.
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