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My own spell hurt me?!

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► My own spell hurt me?!
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My own spell hurt me?!
Post # 1
Hi everyone let me give you a quick background. And maybe you can help me figure out what seems to have happened:
About 8 months ago I was charmed by a male and made to believe he was a soulmate. His masks quickly slipped and it turned out he was an abusive narcissistic parasite that jumps from woman to woman. Uses them for everything he can and then verbally degrades them to a place where he can get away with anything. He threatened physical violence on me and ended up stalking me after I cut ties with him completely. It was a horrible degrading and extremely low point in my life. I do consider myself a "lightworker" and have never set up an Ill intended spell towards anyone but I was reading on here about how to keep him away from me and protect myself.
I ended up reading about a spell where u use a huge nail or spike to nail someone down physically and to kind of trap him in his own shut because he is dangerous and has left a long trail of women he has broken for sport. So I did this : printed out a picture of him and wrote "this person will be nailed down in one spot, will not be able to stalk me or find me and will be trapped in his own doing. He will no longer be able to run from his problems anD run out on lovers, escaping responsibility" then I wrapped it around the length of a really long and thick nail, secured it with zip ties and I hammered it into the western corner of the yard. Like the spell had said. I was angry when I did it put some great energy into it. A month later I found out that he had somehow fractured his leg, had to get surgery on it, have a metal rod inserted and screws inserted into the leg. He was immobile and stuck at his parents house in a certain county until it healed.
I honestly never intended for anything that painful to manifest for him, I just wanted him to leave me alone, feel some of the pain he has caused others and then not be able to run away from his damaging behavior.I did a lot of cleansing and releasing work on myself before and after this because I don't want to attract him again and he was putting curses on me. I do have to say that I was very surprised that my spell worked-especially the way that it did, I thought it would be mild, like maybe a flat tire or something. I'm fairly new to spell work but am familiar with energy work. Anyway, that was like 8 months ago now and I'm pretty sure he is healed and moving around, but as far as I know, he doesn't know where I live.

Here is where things get weird, too similar to not be related. 5 days ago I FELL OFF A ROOF IN A FREAK ACCIDENT AND BROKE BOTH OF MY LEGS. HAD TO GO INTO EMERGENCY ROOM, GET SURGERY AND HAVE A ROD AND SCREWS INSERTED IN EACH LEG. I am now transfered to a physical therapy facilty to work on healing but I cannot put weight or pressure on either of my legs.
It is just like what happened to him! It was so scary and painful and honestly i Was up on the roof, I had decided NOT to jump off the roof into the pool because I am too short. I started to move away from where I was jumping and then all of a sudden I was in midair knowing that my legs we going to hit the cement first and it was going to be excruciating. It's as if I was PUSHED. Like I was out of body- theRe is time missing between when I decided not to jump and somehow ended up in the air. I cannot explain how I moved off the roof.
I need your help! Please, I know that being on a roof in the first place I stupid, I don't need to be scolded, I am usually such a good decision maker. I have never broken a bone or been in the hospital. This is completely out of character for me.

The only other spell work i have done in the meantime was a railroad spike spell to "nail down a house" or place of living so that someone couldn't sneak in and convince my roommates to let them rent the room. This was the spell that is posted here in the forums. 5 railroad spikes, anointing peaceful home oil and my own urine topping them once they have been driven into the corners of the property. Completely different property than before, Completely different county within the state, completely different cities.
The only thing I can think of is that the railroad spikes used on this house could be similar to the large solo nail I used in the other spell. Are the rods and screws in my legs a result of the railroad screws I put in my yard? I really don't see how this could be screwed up and crOssed like this, to harm me instead of nailing down the property. THe property nailing spell was not harmful or agressive toward anyone else, just protective toward me.

Did the original nail spell just come back on me like karma because I don't usually have negative intentions toward people? Is it some lesson? Or did he reverse the spell on me? (He works with energy too, considers himself a mason, rune reader, and does tattoo spellwork)
I'm trying to find an explanation for this parallel situation. I really don't have bad intentions towards anyone, I just wanted to stand up for myself for once instead of being walked over and abused... now I'm in a really horrible situation.
Thank you for your input, I am really looking for people who have been doing this a while and have the right wisdom to answer and in a gentle way.
For our injuries to parallel and twin each other is just too much for me to ignore.
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Re: My own spell hurt me?!
Post # 2

Never cast spell if you are inexperience with its outcome or if you are lacking knowledge, you should read about its properties, risks and beneficial effect before sending great among of negative/positive energy.

You could have settle things without spell. You could have talk it through, if The possibility was unlikely then you could have told a grown up or someone who he has fear or respect toward.

He might have reversed the spell, clearn your areas and remove the spells as soon as you can. It might hurt you twice if he has reversed your spell as things will be effected twice.

Grounding, centering amd shielding will help you to keep yourself protective and ask Michael ot other archangel to clear your areas as well as your chakras.

Thank you.
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Re: My own spell hurt me?!
Post # 3
dear friend, the spell you used is not reversed by him. it is a common notion among the people who practice the arcane arts is that never ever attempt a spell if you are emotional ( anger, greed, lust , envy, gluttony, sloth sadness, ) the spell becomes haywire so to speak. once the target of the spell is achieved the spell will turn back on it's master believe me it is not a situation you want I have dealt with it myself what I can say is try to clean the area you cast the spell reverse it by repeating the spell but in the reverse ( the first line the last the last line the first ) , this will make it so that another spell takes place but it will target the spell which is affecting you destroying both the spell and itself if not done quickly you may face worse dangers then breaking your legs. and one warning for gods sake never attempt a spell if you are just a beginner you can ask for help but please cast the necessary protective charms first
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Re: My own spell hurt me?!
Post # 4
Thanks for your reply. There was no way to tell a "grown up" about this person. He was stalking me and threatening violence on myself and my family.
The police can't do anything.
I was going through the steps to file a retstraining order, but I would have to see him in court.
Do you have any Web links on how to properly reverse or disarm a spell? I would hate to do the incorrectly
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Re: My own spell hurt me?!
Post # 5
Were you feeling guilty about your results? From what i can read into your post it seems that you were, assuming this is the case, you've ended up reversing the spell on yourself.

remember, it wasn't your fault, he hurt you enough to the point where you wanted to do this so whatever happens there's no point feeling guilty over it.

Also yes, the emotional energy sent to him would also inadvertently link you to him, this could also be the cause of the backlash since the excess energy could've made their way back to you.

I recommend "unlinking" yourself from him. visualize him infront of you, find all the threads connecting you two and cut them all. I've heard that archangel Michael helps for this but I've never done it with him myself.
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Re: My own spell hurt me?!
Post # 6
Bit of Thread Necromancy, here.

I'll second that Magick shouldn't be worked when you're in an emotionally UNSTABLE place- emotional energy can be great fuel, as long as it isn't behind the wheel. That backlash, if indeed energy backlash was the cause, could very well have been cause by unclear intent at the time of the casting.

However, I'd also put forth another possibility.
Magick requires three things only; the Will to see change done, the Focus to direct your intent in the way you desire, and the Energy to back it up. In the above possibility, your Will and Energy are obviously more than sufficient, but your Focus isn't sufficient.

Once you release a spell, that energy is no longer under your control, like water dumped from a bucket. The preparations you do before casting it affect the path of the water, but then the Universe takes the path of least resistance. Will sees that energy to the finish line, but Focus keeps it on a straight path.

I'm suggesting the possibility that this might not be backlash, but the simplest and most direct fulfillment of your terms as a RESULT of that slipped focus. If he can't find you and is no longer exerting influence over your life, those terms are fulfilled. He WAS nailed down and unable to move freely, which fulfills another. And, if he's undergone a period of reflection during recovery which is even an initial step toward reforming him from treating other women badly, that's the last of your intention.

In the highly emotional state it sounds like you were in, I would expect that the heaviest thing on your mind was keeping him away from YOU, followed by pinning him down, followed by the actions he might take in the future. By proportion, those are the levels of extremity evidenced by your circumstances.

I could very possibly be well off, but it's another possibility to consider.
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