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Hello New member help plz
Post # 1
Hello I am new in this website and I would like to know some information about this website and how it works. Firstly I have to say that I want to get involved in Witchcraft because I am fascinated by it, due to the fact that recently I was studying about witches in history and it seemed very appealing to me... I'm not very interested in the way the witches are presented in Hollywood due to the fact that Hollywood always exaggerates about Supernatural in general just to make movies better. (Sorry if I hurt someone's feelings).

My first question any advice to give to a newbie maybe some books to read about witchcraft, any tips, something that i see a lot, is people saying "believe" in your spells and the spell will be successful, is that all it takes to succeed in your spells or you need something else? Also are the ingredients required in a spell always needed or is there an alternative option to conduct the spell?

Furthermore I would like to ask what type of spells to trust and what not... For instance transformation spells e.g. transforming into a Vampire seem a bit fake or spells that make your hair grow, however spells that tell you how to focus your energy seem more realistic.. (I might be wrong) Also shall I trust the Most viewed and Top rated spells in terms of working because some of them look fake or fluffy.

Apologies for any spelling mistakes
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Re: Hello New member help plz
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Hello New member help plz
Post # 3
Awnsering your first question,

No and yes. All spells will require belief, but that doesn't mean the spell will be successful. You can always change a spell, add more ingredients to make it stronger, take a few ingredients off if you don't have them etc..

No, not all spells require ingredients. Per example, you can do a spell just by chanting, using only visualization etc..

Spells also require focus and a calm place. ( Not all require a calm place but it's best ). When casting a spell you should always focus on the intention of the spell, what do you want it to do.

Spells that shouldn't be trusted are spells like fantasy ( turning in to a mythological creature, making a flame in your hand etc ). In this website you'll find fake spells in every category. Attention, i do not mean all spells are fake. Just a few of them are.

But of course, you could always create your own spell.
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Re: Hello New member help plz
Post # 4
Hah, and also, Spells like controlling the weather, resurrection and immortality spells are not to be trusted.

Love spells is a bit more.. complicated. They have a fame for not working or even backfiring. The reason is because they try to break someone's free will.

I wouldn't advice you to try to cast spells that break someone's free will or even tries to control a person. They can and probably will backfire and/or not work. Be careful.
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Re: Hello New member help plz
Post # 5
Thank you :) appreciate the help.
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Re: Hello New member help plz
Post # 6
I suggest "Complete Book of Witchcraft", by Raymond Bucklands. I find it a very detailed and informative book about Withcraft and it's very well-known. I believe it's a great start of studying Witchcraft. Belief in spells is necessary because you have to believe in magick to work, however that doesn't necessarily means your spell will have success. In order to cast spells successfully you must know the basics and have strong magickal energy. If your magickal energy is strong your spells will last longer with better effects. No ingredients are not always needed... I don't know exactly the answer to your last question here, but I suppose MoonCurse is correct.

All transformation spells are fake, yes... Weather ones might work but I don't promise. Hair growing..I'm not sure about that but I suppose some of them work, I do not promise either though... About the focusing of energy most likely you mean Centering. Centering is one of the basics, you can't center with a spell but with visualization (another basic). In my opinion the best way to see if a spell is fake or true as a newbie is to test it. I'm not talking about transformation and fantasy spells, of course these will never ever work even if they have five stars.

Love spells work (the true ones) and I don't believe they affect someone's "free will". You get what free will is right? The ability to act as you desire. But love for a person, has no free will, that's what many do not understand and claim love spells do that. You cannot control love. Love is a force that you never know when it will hit you and you cannot control it in no case. For instance, you think "I choose to go a travel long away soon" and you do it. That's free will, you are free to move as you desire. But you cannot say "I choose to love you" and love the other person.. It's just impossible, you simply cannot control love..if you feel it, when you feel it and how do you feel it. So essentially no one's "free will" will be affected, because simply free will does not have any connection with love. Love spells just affect the energy and that makes the other person to attracted to you. Generally love spells attract someone who you are too shy to ask out, or bring back old love.

Love spells and many other kind of spells can back-fire... If you know the basics properly and are able to use protection and perform the spell correctly, no back-fire will be caused.
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Re: Hello New member help plz
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

1. In terms of good books on Traditional Witchcraft (Not Wicca) I would suggest "Mastering Witchcraft" by Paul Huson and "A Grimoire for Modern Cunning Folk" by Peter Paddon.

The Buckland book is good, but it is not about Traditional Witchcraft, it is about Wicca and they are not the same thing.

2. Belief in your magic is essential if a spell is going to work; however, it is not the only thing that is necessary by any means.Other essential magical skills include focus, intent, visualization, the ability to raise and direct energy, etc.

Personally I would never use a spell that someone else had written. I would create my own spell that was specific to my purpose. In that case you can choose what ingredients you feel are most helpful for your particular spell.

In terms of learning more about real magic and how to go about spellwork I would suggest the following books:

"Modern Magick" by Donald Michael Kraig

"Spells and How They Work" by Janet and Stewart Farrar

3. As to what spells to trust...well obviously any of the spells in the Fantasy section are just that, make-believe, and they will never work no matter how hard you try. Magic, in the end, does not go against the rules of the Universe. So you can't change your DNA, you can't fly, you can't become some sort of mythical creature, etc. Use common sense when looking at the spells here as many were contributed by those who don't understand real magic. If it seems too good to be true then it probably isn't.

Don't trust the rating system for spells either. Some were rated up by the person who posted them. Some were, again, rated up by those whose only knowledge of magic comes from fantasy novels and Hollywood.

Remember that this site is for "entertainment purposes". Yes, there is some real magic here and there are some people who have been practicing for a long time and who actually know what they are talking about. You'll catch on to who to ask for information pretty quickly

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Re: Hello New member help plz
Post # 8
Thanks for your answers people. :)
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