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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Aeromancy?
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Post # 1
So a few years back, I was reading some spells on here about Cryomancy. I was not able to get any results from them, but have succeeded in finding a way to change the temperature of the surrounding air. I have taken to calling this aeromancy, since it is neither cryo nor pyromancy, but is that really the correct term?

Re: Aeromancy?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Cryomancy is the control over ice, it doesn't matter how much you try it, that simply is not possible unless you own a freezer. Any change of air temperature found was due to the natural weather, not from something you did.

Aeromancy is having control over the air, which you also don't have.

These terms have become exceptionally popular over the last few years up to a decade or so, due to their use in movies, tv shows and video games. But consider how much of an impact these kind of abilities would have on the world. They are fantasy and nothing more.

Re: Aeromancy?
Post # 3
I have a bit more knowledge than I did when I was foolishly seeking to learn cryomancy, so let me enlighten you a bit more. Pyromancy is the divination using fire, cryomancy is the divination using ice - which I'm not too sure how it would be done - and aeromancy is the divination using the skies. When I succeeded in changing the temperature of the air, I regulated my own body temperature, and used it to affect the surrounding temperature - either giving off a little extra heat or taking in some heat to restore a healthy body temperature. The theory is backed up by science, and I tested it in a scientific type experiment. The difference is not really noticeable, but enough to make someone shiver when they were previously complaining about the heat, or open a window when they had only just shut it. It's not useful in the slightest, only to mess with people a bit or feel a bit more comfortable in one of those situations where other people have a different perception of temperature than you. What I was asking is: if the general thoughts on what the suffix mancy means was true, would it be considered aeromancy?

Re: Aeromancy?
By: / Novice
Post # 4

I'm not understanding.

Divination is the process in which an individual tries to learn about something previously unknown, whether the future, present, or past, through working with some sort of tool. Sometimes, deities and other spirits are called upon to assist or give the fortune through the tool. The suffix mancy means "divination of or using."

H2O is right, what you are describing is not possible and would be news worthy.

So, why are you bringing up something that would have settled the west far earlier (and be of use to some modern third world countries), when you know that the suffix "mancy" means divination and are using the term?

Cryomancy would be an interesting topic provided the fantasy term is struck through and replaced. Though, I'm not creative at this point to think of a way to utilize ice in divination. You seem to already understand that aeromancy is divination of the atmosphere.

So really, I just don't understand where the realistic question is.

Re: Aeromancy?
Post # 5
At best, you are controlling your own body temperature. This has actually been proven, but by a masterful monk, retaining a body temperature of 99° in a tub filled with ice. He was neck deep for about 40 minutes. When you can duplicate such results then you can claim adequate control over yourself.

In the way of the divination you spoke of, I suggest you study the word divination. And try not to stick your foot in your mouth anymore.

Love & Light

Re: Aeromancy?
Post # 6
Are we not speaking the same language? Or just not reading fully? The amount of change I'm talking about is miniscule, like half a degree to a degree, but enough to make a difference in how hot/cold people feel. It could even just be psychological manipulation. It is literally completely useless. The general populace right now believes the suffix 'mancy' to mean control over something, and my question was: would the control over temperature be considered aeromancy in that naming system (or I guess aerokinesis under the proper terminology) or something different. If it's really so powerful of a technique, I could start to rethink, but I was just curious as to what I should file this useless piece of knowledge under in my memory, since it's unclear to me right now what it actually is.

Provided you've read things properly, have I cleared things up any?

Re: Aeromancy?
By: / Novice
Post # 7

Just for the sake of language, use the term "kinesis."

The misuse of the suffix "-mancy" shouldn't be considered a cultural change of language, it's just not using it correctly like when people say "literally" instead of "figuratively."

Re: Aeromancy?
Post # 8

Bottom line, you cannot control air or ice. You cannot control the elements. Period.

Re: Aeromancy?
Post # 9
True that :)

Re: Aeromancy?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10

No, it isn't the correct term. " Aeromancy is a form of divination using the element of Air by observing the sky, particularly meteorological and cosmological events, including the movements of clouds, winds and sometimes comets, the appearance of rainbows and other phenomena such as auroras. The word Aeromancy comes from the Greek words aero for "air' and manteia for "divination". http://www.witchipedia.com/def:aeromancy

Pyromancy is another form of divination which is also called "fire scrying".

What you are talking about are things such as aefokinesis, pyrokinesis, etc., none of which are real. They are largely drawn from fantasy novels and movies such as "Avatar: The Last AirBender."

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