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Jinns conjuring to object

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Jinns conjuring to object

Jinns conjuring to object
Post # 1
As you see, I am trying to find a way to conjure and bond with a genie that can not harm me. Before you say anything, I study genies for a year. In theory of course. I know that if you bond with them, well as you'll be their master, they can grant your wishes and work hard for them. I know that sometimes some genies can be dangerous and tricky to you until they harm you in any way. I know they twist your wishes and something bad can happen. I know how they created.. The things, I do not know are some details about tribes. So please help me with that. I am going to try probably at the fool moon to conjure a marid genie (since I've seen their friendly to humans) and be the master of it. Also, I will try to bod it to an object. The ritual I will try is the one with the mirror and the black lipstick (I don't know if you know it). It sounds authentically to me, still I don't know if will work.
But, habing a genie, is my dream. I do not let the dreams just pass away, I work hard and make them truth! If you could suggest me a few rituals to conjure, harmless genie and friendly I would appreciate it!! I did a LOT o PDF research about genies, still I can not understand if some rituals work or not but I wish they would! I do not want the genie as my slave, to make true every of my selfish wishes. I want it only as a friend. To talk with him, only every day. To give him respect. That it alI O want. The fact, that if I could possible be a friend with a genie and it's master and talking together each day..I think it could solve me, all the puberty problems I face! It is a huge honor for me to talk to entity like that and be friends eschews other!!
So if you have any good harmless conjure that will summon a harmless genie and friendly to "hang out" with, a fulfil one wish of me that I am doing once or twice a year..it wouldn't be a better thing for me. Thank you for reading all this long post, I hope you help me eventually.
Greetings to everyone and good luck to every thing you do!!
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Re: Jinns conjuring to object
Post # 2
dont play with fire
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By: / Novice
Post # 3
I can understand you're desire to learn from magical beings, to an extent we all posses it, but such lust can be disastrous if you fail to exercise caution. Jinn, like most beings capable of mastering the manipulation power on greater levels, are lethal by nature; specifically because they have a will. And their will, like most similar beings, is centered around self-serving means. Most magical creatures are neither good nor evil and inherently are driven to great or terrible deeds by their nature-magical creatures for the majority do not possess the moral limitations of 'right' or 'wrong' they simply are-recognizing neither vice nor virtue, such human & mort constructs are irrelevant to them. If acknowledged at all it would likely be as amusement, carrying no consequences or severity to them. Jinn, however, are among a far more dangerous rank of creature because, regardless of their nature (more dark than light, they utilize trickery, betrayal, and even murder without thought or concern for the ramifications), they also possess conscious will, and through that awareness they hold the ability to create more chaos and discord than their nature alone would enable. Their first and only focus is self-preservation, and, wherever possible self-advancement. It is important to understand that such beings are naturally selfish, because knowing the reality of that truth can help prevent disaster: your intentions are irrelevant to them unless they align with the Jinn's cause, even then people are expendable, expect to be disposed of as soon as you become a liability, or even as soon as the Jinn grows tired of you. If you succeed in binding a Jinn, you may find a bolt of lightning at the end of your leash. They will resent you for entangling with their freedom-and most will take it as an additional insult that they were ensnared by a mortal. You cannot reason with it. You cannot befriend it. And you cannot trust it. At the first sign of vulnerability, or provided an opportunity to exploit your trust, the Jinn will play you like a fiddle in order to get free-weather it means betraying your trust, making you realize they do more harm than good, or even killing you. Binding them reduces the third possibility but will further inflame the Jinn. Experienced practitioners understand that summoning Jinn, and similar beings is done only as a last resort, or-to some of the more ambitious devotees of destruction and death-causally interract through a bond forged of dark pacts. The latter are little more than harmlessly amusing (and easily expendable) servants, zealously blinded by their own lust for power, they will find no loyalty in the connection, and they certainly wouldn't command the Jinn's power. However, when Jinn are summoned for guidance certain, very important, procedures must be followed. And the summoner must have confidence in their ability to control the situation: if the Jinn stands to gain something (freedom for example-difference being the element of control and understanding), it can be bartered with. Even then, the Jinn must never be trusted, and a wise summoned understands the volatility of their charge. The only time a Jinn is relatively secured is when a being possessing greater power than theirs holds the leash for you. Still, though the captured Jinn may serve temporarily, their service almost always comes with a price-releasing them after. In such bargains, the Jinn will use no tricks to cannibalize your 'wishes' or dare take a risk that threatens succeeding and thus earning freedom. Until a bargain is struck, however, the Jinn will likely try to seduce it's captors with (hollow) promises, and try to engineer their escape through trickery. The only time a Jinn will grant wishes and corrupt them would be if it were under no pressure to fulfill their end of a deal. And free Jinn are cruel and manipulative (by nature), they'll twist a wish on you for their own amusement, knowing that granted the opportunity to have their wish granted-the wisher is in their power. Bloody temperamental things, if conjured casually, the Jinn will gladly snuff out your life unless either they are properly trapped, or you can provide them something of greater value than the amusement they'd gain from reaping you. I cannot stress enough how bad this idea is. If you try to call them you'll likely fail to attract their attention. And if you seize and bind them without a more powerful being on hand to suppress their power, they will almost certainly find a way to talk you into listening their confinement, once you inevitably do you'd be considered blessed to get off with just dying. Whatever their manner or however 'good' their intentions may seem, Jinn are born of inclinations towards darkness (to our understanding), and ultimately their nature will lead them to betray you. It's not done of malice, just their temperament. But if you bond a Jinn you'll have their conscious malice on top of that inclination towards chaos. As I said, it's understandable to want a powerful patron as an ally and guide, but where creatures like this are concerned, such relationships are illusory. The only time to summon a jinn is when you intend to use it, and even then most times the recoil is that they end up using you. If you want to forge a legitimate connection to beings on the other side their are far better ways, and far less sinister beings. Your spirit guide for one. Familiars for another. Knowing your path is important, if your practice takes you into mythology or the beliefs held by a certain sect or culture, seek greater beings from that path, but do it cautiously and don't forge bonds or bond up and create enemies lightly. Gods and Goddesses often work indirectly, and while to some it's a comfort to have a residing ditty to devote themselves to, it can be a lonely path for those new to their study looking for direct intervention; each path has beings inclined towards dark and light, some have divine overseers, others do not. I would advise starting with lesser connections, find allies among more reliable beings. The higher up the chain of power you go, (excluding beings that govern indirectly) the more dangerous the bond, and the more damnable the consequences of backlash. Work your way through your path, interact with beings from the far side of our world, come to understand the lesser beings and the process required and expected when interacting with them, and through those links you will gain a greater understanding of magic, eternity, and yourself. Only then should you advance answers guidance from the next rank of powerful beings. Having devoted yourself to the path they tread, you may find bonds of allegiance (if not friendship) form naturally. Again this is not counting the greater beings; gods, goddesses, consorts, or the governing divines. I wish you luck treading your path, and hope you heed this warning. I know waiting for that greater level of understanding can be grueling, but I also know that if you sacrifice yourself needlessly it won't matter in the end. Dead is dead. And that's if you're lucky.
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Re: Jinns conjuring to object
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
You may,of course, believe anything you wish. But a belief does not make it true. Genies were figments of the imagination of Arabic professional "story tellers", for entertainment.
A Genie is about as real as flying carpets, flying horses,or giant Genies emerging by rubbing a lamp!
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Re: Jinns conjuring to object
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
And, Dreadmancer, why do you keep changing the headings when replying to a Post? It is very misleading!
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Re: Jinns conjuring to object
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Brysing, the headings were unintentional, I thought they would appear solely over my reply not the topic. Jinn cannot manifest in the physical world but they're as real as any demon, angel, consort, or spirit in the etherial realm. Working with them is conducted in the veil between the spirit world and the abyss. Djinn aren't entirely mythical but they certainly aren't the genie in the lamp.
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Re: Jinns conjuring to object
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
As I said, you may believe anything you wish. But please don't state your beliefs as though they are fact!
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Re: Jinns conjuring to object
Post # 8
This ia posti so so old!! Sic months old!! I made it but was gagged in case you don't understand.. Thank you everyone I have completely forgot it!! But some thing have changed... Anyway thank you all!!
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Re: Jinns conjuring to object
Post # 9
Don't mess with them they are just bad news period.
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Re: Jinns conjuring to object
Post # 10
As I've said before there is no such thing as a friendly Djinn.
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