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evil person?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► evil person?
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evil person?
Post # 1
My granpa is dating this person, and I'm somewhat new to magic, and I think she evil or there something wrong with her. My granpa been dating her for awhile and he acting strange, like really strange around this women like he is under a spell and he normally would never act this way. I know people in love act weird but this is a little to weird. Is it possible this women has him under a spell? Also when ever I'm around her I get a bad aura and she seems a little to.... nice. Her cooking taste weird and sometimes I get looks from her as if she going to kill me, and last time I told my grandfather I didn't like her her acted funny around me intill I lied to him and said I did like her and every time I hear her voice I feel the need to banish her, is that weird. And it seems like a lot of bad luck has been happening to me, and this is strange but could someone curse food? Like its every time I eat her food something bad happens, but if I don't my grandfather throws a fit. I don't know could she be evil or cursing me. I also had a dream and it told me that she was evil and to be careful. So what is it?

Re: evil person?
Post # 2
So there has been a history of these things like Succubus or other demons such as that but it's really rare does your grandfather have anything she could get out of him in the afterlife or even in life what color is her aura black and dark purple are the 2 evilest Black being Malevolence purple being associated with darkness of the heart also there aren't a lot of facts here but yes it's easy to curse food just gotta use the right ingredients

Re: evil person?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
cursing food is easy but it would be a lot less difficult to just curse you directly i would suggest some type of truth type evil be seen whatever spell to test her or just project positive energy at someone and see what happens evil gets uncomfortable when this is done... and seriously twilight demons you know they don't exist on the physical and are not likely to fully poses someone or do anything more than slightly effect their mood

Re: evil person?
Post # 4
Start giving her small gifts of appreciation. If she and/or your grandfather is/are Christian, get her or make her a small cross. Draw a picture of them holding hands by a church. Real religious stuff that works with their faith, or at least your grandfather's. If neither are faithful, get as close as you can to whatever you think he might have even a little faith in. If they say anything, just say you've been thinking a lot about life and that you are looking into things. If she gets nicer, she isn't evil. You will know what I mean. If she gets meaner, she is evil.

The religion has nothing to do with this, your kindness does. Evil doesn't understand or react well with kindness. Showing kindness that embraces the faith of another is a very powerful thing in families. Also, if she turns out to be evil, it will help with what I would recommend you do next. If she is evil, message me with the steps you took and how she reacted. I'll then tell you how to make a simple ward out of a religious item so they don't think you are using magick, but still being friendly.

If this doesn't work for you, then start learning sign language. Start using it for simple things when you talk, like asking for the time and/or eating or drinking. Then, when you tell your family that you love them, start using the sign for "I love you." This is a simple ward against evil. I've used it to ward off evil in the past, including evil people. One evil woman I once knew would fly into a rage when people used it around her. It won't get rid of her, but you will know she is evil.

Just be sure to use the steps I'm recommending. If they think or even suspect that you are trying to prove she is evil then they will not be as effective as you will be accused of being the one bringing in negativity. I hate to ask you to be deceptive, but sometimes you have to be a detective to get the evidence you need.

Re: evil person?
Post # 5
You could always just slip her a micky (that's old timer talk for spiking a drink.

Pour her a glass of holy water. Just putting a little bit in a glass of water will change the structure of all the water in the glass. I always keep a few jugs of holy water around the house, just in case.

If she's evil, she'll either gag on it, get a disgusted look on her face or refuse to drink it. That will tell you the truth about her.

Then I'd be very careful because she'll know you're on to her/it.

Re: evil person?
Post # 6
Yeah, that would work, but you are also right in that she would be instantly on what's going on.

Re: evil person?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
Kaywinford, nothing on your profile; so we don't even know your age. But I will say this to you as I am also a Grandpa. Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions! What your Grandpa does, or thinks, about this lady friend has got nothing to do with you.It is none of your business!

Re: evil person?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Spiritual Creatures.

Re: evil person?
By: / Novice
Post # 9
You know, it might just be that your grampa is happy to have someone in his life again. Of course actions will be different. Young people get giddy with love, but an older person can't? Seems you might be a bit jealous. I mean it's taking time away from you. I doubt this is a magick problem. Be happy for him. BB

Re: evil person?
Post # 10
I understand the other concerns. It also would be great if you added a bit to your profile as far as so we know more about you to better be able to assist. such as level , age . experience . I see that yes some are thinking it may be that your grandfather is just happy . and that may very well just be .. however before you act on magic please be sure .. That is what it is. Not everything new is evil . Also there are several of us willing to give insight but please understand our lack of info on your profile makes a difference..

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