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Middle pillar/Planetary
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Planetary Cross: system that runs down the middle of your body following the path of the spine, Uranus (platinum seal)at the crown, Pluto (neon green seal) at the throat, sol (liquid gold seal)at the heart, Luna(female) or lunar (male) (silver seal) groin ,and the bottom of the feet is terra (black)
The downward path of energy one should follow to manifest is Uranus> Neptune> Saturn> (through) Pluto to Jupiter> Mars> Sol (higher self)> Venus> Mercury > and Luna/Lunur, from lunar, the energies have gained such weigh from all other bodies that it just drops from lunar straight down to terra, causing changes within your personal circle of awareness.
the star is called the planetary key, it's a banishing seal that negates negative energies and prohibits then from effecting your 10 other bodies, one on each planet, you make a upwards star, it starts at your right hip, to just above your head, to your left hip, the right shoulder, to left, then back to the right hip 1st star, then it's right shoulder> just below the groin>left ,shoulder> right hip>across the groin to left hip>back to right shoulder then from there you draw a counter clockwise circle starting at right shoulder, around your body this completes the seal, you are now contained by what is called a "star chamber"

if you draw this with your finger in front of you, for the 4 corners north, south, east, west (starting at magical east preferably) , you create a bubble of protection (star chamber) (area of awareness) (your personal universe)

When you visit your planetary bodies you use this method to protect them as well, and all those 10 bodies filter back to terra, your earthly body, place the seal on your planetary bodies chest while telepathically telling your celestial body to do the same to you, closing the circuit, then acknowledge your separate identity, say something to it, bow to it respectfully as it Is a part of your SELF.

Each planet also corresponds to specic aspects of your being. They are all pieces of a whole (you on terra) this is the fundamentals of planetary magic
Uranus > unmanifested> achieving (crown), Saturn > patterns and structure> networking (left ear), Neptune >infinite energetic emissions> intuition (right ear), Pluto >invisible force> transforming (throat), Jupiter > arbiter of all selfs> Idealizing (left shoulder), Mars > inner conflicts> asserting (right shoulder), Sol > higher self> creating (sun/heart), Venus >emotional plane> processing/relating (left hip) Mercury > mental plane> analyzing/communication. (Right hip), lunar (male)/Luna (female) astral plane> feeling (groin), then terra (manifested reality of all other realities, within the realm of your awareness)

That star is the key that banishs evil/negative energies, and changes them positive

You can literally travel to these planets/planes, visit yourself (a piece) and interact with it, placing this seal north, south, east, west, and then creating the circle, will protect you and that part of you on the planet inside a bubble (planetary bodies will always stay to your left and move with you), sing the god name of the planet based on the vibration, uranus high, terra low on the tree of life, for instance if you were aligning Uranus, you would sing in a higher pitch, uuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnuuuuuuuuussssss, while drawing the planetary key in front of you, north, south, east, west. (Starting at magical east)

These energies from each planet aligning into you in layers, once protected and free from harm and negative, WILL effect all of your emotional aspects (and in some cases those around you), change their vibe to positive, and create ultimate balance within. The self.

With this system you can unlock your spirit weapon and armor on a celestial level I'll have to write up the instructors on using this though

It's called the" solar cross" and at its center is your astral self/higher self/sol,
The zodiac is your armor starting at Sol and enveloping your chest in a brilliant golden rays, the sword is the power of Uranus >Pluto >Lunar>Terra>Mars>Jupiter >and Sol, this combination must be freed from terra in order to use it effectively in the astral plane (its a gift so to speak, for those seeking the crown), and must be attained only through hard work and understanding, only then, will you be able to pull the sword from the stone.

You must have a helmet, this prevents negative aspects from polluting your psyche while in the other planes, if not willful enough to travel without, you must be able to dawn a full set of knight like armor with helmet, boots, sword, shield, breastplate, belt, ect. The sky is the limit in the astral plane, make these pieces with love, do some research in to what they represent, and apply it to your manifested self here on terra and the astral realms, all things powerful will take notice of you, and protection will be needed to be safe.
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Re: Middle pillar/Planetary
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It is really good. I am going to try it :D
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