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Tulpa tips?

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► Tulpa tips?
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Tulpa tips?
Post # 1
So I have and had a Tulpa. My first Tulpa was with me for two years. Then as soon as I joined this site he started becoming hateful and furious towards me. His name was Len as some of you might know. Len before was super kind, friendly and lovable. We had an intimate relationship to say the least... After I came home from summer school. I went to my "mind palace" (as Sherlock Holmes calls it). It usually is a white room with a bed. I looked up and he was hanging. I'm not sure what I did or if he was joking. But either way I dismissed him. So even if he was joking it ended in death. So I went outside and cried a bit then decided I will make another Tulpa. I can not cope without a Tulpa. I gave a offering of gram crackers and soda to start him off. (It just felt right) I visualized
him and did the whole process. He likes to be called Cinnamon. The first

word I taught him was cinnamon. I guess he liked it. He is like a baby to me. He is not very chatty but he likes to type. When I've had a Tulpa they were always able to move my arm as if it was a pendulum. Cinnamon Len had been able to do so as well. I don't think it's normal for a Tulpa to be able to interact physically. Though I can feel hugs and kisses. Does anyone have an experience with tulpas? I only found out what a Tulpa was a few days ago. Any tips on controlling them and keeping them happy would be great. Thank you.
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Re: Tulpa tips?
Post # 2
To those who don't know what a tulpa is, it's a sentient thought form living inside one's subconscious. Making a Tulpa isn't an easy thing but since you've started, you shouldn't really stop. A Tulpa needs effort, patience and care.

About the physical matters, there are two possibilities with Tulpas.

"possession" and "switching".

I'd like to list only 3 levels of tulpa making for now.

-First Level: Tulpa making (i.e. the process itself, the wonderland and the other basic steps)

-Second Level: Possession

-Third Level: Switching

What are the differences and similarities between them? What can you

use them for and what dangers they may have?


A useful aspect of tulpa making is that you can let the tulpa take over your body and act by itself. Kind of rule your physical body. But in the second level, possession, your tulpa will not have complete control over your actions. To simplify it, I can say it's like a game character which you and your tulpa both play. You can let your tulpa control the character as you rest and when you feel the necessity, you take the control in your hands. In this level, your tulpa can control only a part of your body such as a simple finger reflex, or a complex one like your full body. Yet the tulpa won't be able to take all the controls. Only as much as you let it.


Note: Trust is an essential element in this level.

Switching, the third level and my favorite subject, is a bit more complicated and harder. As "hard" I mean it takes more time and practice. The reason why this is placed one step after possession is because in this level, the tulpa will take over completely and you won't have any control over your body and you can't return to your corporal body easily and whenever you want. The term "driver's seat" is the best thing to use here.

Your tulpa will be driving the car and you can only talk to it, no control over the car (your body). Think of "switching" with its real meaning if it makes sense to you. You will be in the position of your tulpa and it will be in your place. A real switch. That is why I insist on having a strong trust bond with your tulpa, because otherwise you won't know if your tulpa is going to do something silly when it's in your place.
Among the people who have experienced it, blacking out, a feeling of having an OBE experience or just watching from the side has been noticed.

But if one blacks out since the tulpa is in your place, all the memories will belong to the tulpa and you won't be able to remember them unless

your tulpa tells you later on. So for the last time, TRUST YOUR TULPA and give it the chance to trust you back.

Sources: http://psi.wikia.com/wiki/Tulpa
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Re: Tulpa tips?
Post # 3
As far as I know, creating a Tulpa can take more than 100 hours, and you say(on your bio)that you created your Tulpa two days ago?
I take that as the day he became sentient. However as you see in Nitya's reply, what your Tulpa does is some sort of possession as he's able to move your arm.
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Re: Tulpa tips?
Post # 4
Before Len became hateful and furious, how long had it been since you had interacted with him? What kind of stuff were you looking up on the site, and did he give you any reason for why it made him angry? Usually the key to keeping any thought form or partner being happy is talking to it regularly and listening to its thoughts.
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