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Honey jar and love spells

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Honey jar and love spells
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Honey jar and love spells
Post # 1
Hey guys,

I was wondering if I could get more information on how to make a good honey jar, because most of the explanations on the internet are sort of confusing. As well as can you put a particular name in it? And can you use a love spell to strengthen the effects from the jar, if so could you possibly recommend a love spell that is definitely working? Thank you so much for the help!
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Re: Honey jar and love spells
Post # 2
great question
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Re: Honey jar and love spells
Post # 3
Honey jars work by sweetening a person to you, or a situation. They're great for mending friendships, sweetening up a cranky ex, etc. You can put a particular name in it for sure.

There are people who believe that identifying any specific person is a violation of "free will" or something like that, but not all people on all paths adhere to this sort of thinking. So if you're comfortable with it, have at it.

Elements of a good honey jar will depend on your circumstances. But at the base, you'd want:

- a jar with a lid (like a baby food jar)
- brown paper
- a pen or pencils
- sweetener, like Karo, honey, sugar, etc. Granulated sugar is said to work faster.
- candles (birthday candles work, if you want a load of cheap little ones, and the color will of course, depend on your circumstances)
- herbs/spices that correspond with your intent
- biological concern from the target (hair, nails, blood, urine, scraps of a shirt they've worn, photograph)

The most confusing part is probably the name paper. There are as many ways to make them as there are people in the world, really. Tear a rectangle off (don't cut it), write the target's name 3, 7, or 9 times going down the paper. While focusing on your intent, turn the paper to the right once and cross the person's name with your own, or your command, as many times as you wrote the first name. Then drop in the concern and herbs. Fold the paper once towards you to create the packet, turn once and fold again, towards you.

After that, it's really just a matter of dropping the name paper into the filled jar. Scoop out a bit of the honey and eat it, close the lid. Burn a candle on top of the jar every day for a week, then just work the jar whenever you want -- but a lot of people do three times a week, MWF, for a few months, and then it drops off. While you do this, make sure you really focus your intent into the process.

As for your second question, honey jars are great back-burners and work well with other spells! Can't make a recommendation for one in specific, though.
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Re: Honey jar and love spells
Post # 4
I want to do this, but. I only have one hair from my target so amnot willing to use it unless its actually gonna work. I have ordanary white sugar hope this may work
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