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Forums ► Herbalism ► Ginseng
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Post # 1
When most see the word Ginseng they immediately think about it's delicious tea, which of course isn't bad at all. Aside from making a nice sweet tea (Depending on how you make yours) Ginseng is also a good Herbal remedy.

This Herb isn't hard to find at all, infact you can probably find it anywhere, just look hard enough haha. It's most common uses normally revolve around the Nervous system,and the digestive system. What I mean is when we make our delicious Ginseng tea little do we know that it's actually helping calm our nerves as most tea's we drink. A lot of people carry mental stress, therefore constantly having headaches, feeling nauseated, etc, etc..

So Ginseng actually started out in China, eh maybe a couple thousand years ago according to what we know. There are actually two types of Ginseng, one of course is regular Ginseng which is grown in China, and the other is called Panax quinquefolius, it's also known as (The American Ginseng.)) Interesting name, for it, though it does date back a few hundred years ago. The American Ginseng, is seen as a Sub-species of a sort, and people say that the Asian species is more medically inclined.

Panax quinquefolius is good for helping people with Mental Stress. While Regular Ginseng is also good for mental Stress can also be used to fight off a Stomach Virus or a digestive illness.

If you're anything like me you hate taking medicine, therefore Irecommendyou do it in a form a tea. Like I said in my opening statement, Ginseng is also known as a very good tea. Therefore it's more likely it will help fight off Stomach viruses, I also reccomend if you do take it while having Stomach problems, to try and remain in one place and throw it up too quickly before the medicine kicks in.

As always thanks for reading, add anything you want below and of courseLookforward to reading your responses and learn something else I didn't already know.

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Re: Ginseng
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Yes, ginseng tea does help in calming the nerves. But it was used for thousands of years in China, and still is,to increase the sexual prowess in males!
Until a few hundred years ago,Ginseng was used for no other purpose. When the British were trading with China, they bought vast amounts of the various teas (Cha) in exchange for Opium. Ginseng was just one of many teas. And the Chinese found it rather amusing that the British traders saw Ginseng as a "pleasant drink"; unaware of its real purpose!
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Re: Ginseng
Post # 3
Back in the 80's my brother was in the hospital. He had been shot in the head and had just come out of a medically induced coma when he got miserably sick.

None of the meds the doctors gave him were helping his stomach symptoms and he had a cough which was only partially relieved. This went on for about a week before I brought him some ginsing tea. I was just a kid but had discovered ginsing through my interest in martial arts.

He used the ginsing and in two days felt fine (except for the whole bullet in the brain, bed sores and atrophied muscles thing).

But seriously, the medical treatment saved his life but ginsing gave him his immune system back.
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