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looking for some help!!

Forums ► Herbalism ► looking for some help!!
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looking for some help!!
Post # 1
Hello and thank you first of all for reading and supporting me. I have a boyfriend that has a very tourcherd soul he was in the military and he also has phosphorus poisoning. I have been looking for some herbs, a spell or even a potion to help him he suffers for a list of different medical issues due to the poisoning he has. He earn it fighting for our country so I would like to help him as his knees are shot from jumping out of planes. His lung. kidneys, liver and digestive tract all act up from time to time I would love to just heal him instantly but I can't it goes in cycles his pains. So maybe if i can get him on some good healing herbs and work my magic on my end maybe he will be able to walk down the isle with me for our wedding.

Just looking for some basic help any and all are appreciated TY
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Re: looking for some help!!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Just a word of advice here. With all of the medical problems that your boyfriend has using herbs to help with them isn't a bad idea, but it is one that should be approached with extreme caution. I would never start by asking for herbal advice from strangers who may or may not know what they are talking about. Herbs can be great, but they can also cause lots of problems if they have a bad interaction with any medications he is already taking, if he is allergic to them, or if they aren't the right herbs for his problems. Herbs may be natural, but that does not make them 100% safe to take. If you want to go the herbal route then my advice would be to find a certified herbalist or someone certified in Chinese medicine in your area and have your boyfriend go to them for a professional evaluation and a proper herbal treatment plan that will be right for him.

And as a Vietnam veteran myself, please tell your boyfriend that I honor him for his service and I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

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Re: looking for some help!!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
I would have thought that your boyfriend would be getting good medication for his physical injuries/illnesses.
The "tortured soul" though, could well be what we used to call Battle Fatigue; now is referred to as Traumatic Stress Syndrome; and that can take a lot of time to heal. In fact it never really leaves you! But it does get better as time goes by.
As a Korean veteran, I too, salute this young man.
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Re: looking for some help!!
Post # 4
Hey. I'm relatively new to herbology, but my advice would be to find a professional herbalist or someone you know who has been using it for a long time who you feel sure knows what they are doing. I also use gems and crystals in my magic, and a tip would be to get him a necklace with a piece of clear crystal quartz on it. You can find these at any new age shops or maybe even a flea market if you have one near where you live. Place your energy and feelings for him, as well as perhaps an invocation to one of your gods to please place some of there energy into it as well to help relieve some of hispains. Have him wear this necklace when you are done and it mmighty help. Also a stone called hematite has a natural gift of physical pain relief. Does not relieve it all though. I have a hematite necklace with a bronze wolf head pendant on it (for my spirit animal is a wolf) and I also have a dislocated disc in my L1 vertebrae. The hematite does help. If you know his spirit animal I would suggest getting a pendant of that animal, blessing it to his animal and ask it to help. The hematite will work its own natural magic.....hope I could be of some assistance to you and him. Please tell him I respect him for his service in keeping america safe and free. I want you to know I respect you as well for willingly, actively, and without doubt or remorse wanting ho help him. May you both be blessed and have a happy and prosperous future together.
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