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Its been three months since i began practicing Astral projection.
I haven't yet succeeded in it completely.
However, i have had some weird experiences with this, i thought it might help to share them.

One morning, i was just laying in my bed, i was still really drowsy, just woken up. I decided to close my eyes for a while and relax listening to some relaxing instrumental music.
It was all nice, warm and cozy. Then the weird thing happened.
At one point i felt myself falling asleep or going into some similar state of mind.
The weird in this was that i knew i wasn't asleep and it was morning and i was laying there in my own room on bed, i could feel the sheet over me. I could still move around but i couldn't see anything.
Everything felt very fluffy and it felt like i was slipping away, i was afraid i might lose my consciousness if i let the slipping away happen. Then i heard some angry voice saying something, like it was an order for me to do something. it was a male voice.
At this point a wave of terror stroke my stomach and i thought how to get rid of this and fast!
Well, after a brief while of thinking i decided to try and grab a hold of my pillow and think of my body and ponder about waking up.
It worked. I woke up. My eyes opened like i had walked through a door to my safe room again.

Probably an Astral projection on some level?
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