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why it scares me

Forums ► Astral Projection ► why it scares me

why it scares me
Post # 1
As I stated earlier I ap on accident after belly dancing. It scared.me because I get chased. Think of something similar to the mean guys in the matrix. Also I see things about people I don't know an some I do know that are freaking awful like rape of hold etc. Its never anything fun or sexy like lottery numbers or seeing a crush. I don't understand why I get chased why I can fly or jump from rooftop to rooftop. This all sounds bizarre and im glad to find a network of people to get this off my chest with.
Question: how come I can walk down the street but can't read the street signs to know where I am? Once I met a woman at a crosswalk who said she was lost too. Has anyone else met a stranger when you were both ap?
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Re: why it scares me
Post # 2
You may be slightly empathic so when you do astral projection you see the strongest emotions of people. As for the stranger it's possible someone else was trapped there and lost their body. their soul maybe stuck there or they are having an O.B.E.
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Re: why it scares me
Post # 3
Thank you for responding. What is o.b.e?
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Re: why it scares me
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
It sounds more like you are journeying within yourself than outside of yourself. You are exploring your own mind, and these are the fears and doubts manifested and taking shape.

Analyze it as you would a dream to discover their deeper psychological meaning. Then deal with these issues in your life. They are displaying themselves because you are ready to face them.

You can use these experiences to help you mentally and emotionally. For instance, by gaining the courage and confidence to stand and fight, instead of be chased, you will be preparing yourself to overcome the issues and obstacles in your life that these things represent. As within so without. Right now within is reflecting your outside situation in a metaphorical context.
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Re: why it scares me
Post # 5
You think so? Here is an example of what's happening. Factual story. I dreamt of twogirls I had never met. Sisters. I woke up screaming their names and demanding to know who they were to my bf who was sleeping. Later that year I found out through him the girls existed. Had two more graphic dreams about them and continued to dream about them til we met. In those dreams I was walking through there places as if it were reality. When I left the house and started down the road I'd get chased by a man til I woke up. People who were witnessing told me not to get caught or something bad would happen to me.
In reality the two girls were getting assaulted as I had witnessed in the dreams or rather nightmares. Mind you no one believed me until the guy got caught doing it in the pool of a hotel the girls were staying at with their mom. Another reason why it freaks me out. I see horrific things I can't stop and I can rarely tell what's just a dream and what's knowledge. If that makes sense.
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Re: why it scares me
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Let me explain. The way I was taught was this. Life is a web, and every time we meet someone, a strand is formed between us. The stronger our bond becomes with someone, the stronger that strand is. But then they have their own strands, and their connections have connections. Therefore we are all in some way connected to one another whether directly or indirectly. But the fewer links away we are (friend of a friend of a friend would be three for instance) the more influence their life has on ours. This is why when someone very destructive enters our life, it can shatter all of our previous bonds. Because despite an unlimited amount of connections we may have, there is still a balance, and who we let in and how close we allow them to get to us, the more influence they have on our other strands.

Basically, the reason why you were dreaming of these people is that you were connected to these people through your boyfriend and felt pulled to them. The dreams were the pull and as you desired that connection, the distance shortened until they were in your direct web.

Regardless of how you look at it, you are still working from within. It's good. And can be very helpful. But you need to understand it in order for it to be used. I would suggest learning how to experience lucid dreaming to further this natural gift. It will allow you to explore these things you are seeing consciously instead of merely observing them.
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Re: why it scares me
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
I misread the boyfriend thing. Scratch that connection. But the rest still applies. You connect to people from within. You will discover more about yourself and your gift, the more you explore within. Dream walking, vision quests, mental realm, lucid dreams, mental projection, symbolism, and linguisitics--these should be your studies. Why linguistics you may ask? Because in understanding how we communicate, you will better understand how to decipher your personal perception of things the way your psyche colors it. The worst enemy of anyone that mainly works from within is their own preconceptions and beliefs. You have to be open to any truth, not just your own.
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Re: why it scares me
By: / Novice
Post # 8
That was very impressive WhiteRav3n... I honestly don't think I could have said it any better. My suggestion to you kim30, is to utilize this gift and keep working with it. It's obvious that your belly dancing is what triggers the dream state that you enter afterwards, meaning that this is a form of relaxation that your body uses to ready itself to be more aware once you enter sleep. I know that it seems scary, but as you practice this method, you will begin to become aware within your dreams, giving you the ability to lucid dream and dream scape, giving you more control and less reasons to fear.

But, the main you thing you must do is pay attention and do what you can to remember your dreams once you wake, because it is quite obvious that you are receptive to the needs of others silently crying out for help. The ones chasing you in your dreams can be perceived as the evil energy resonating from the ones who are causing harm to other. Obviously these people do not want to get caught, so thier subconcious projects these aggressors outward, causing you to clash with them as you travel WhiteRav3n's aforementioned spiderwebs. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck and stay strong in your convictions. Don't let fear drive you away from your gift. Take care.

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Re: why it scares me
Post # 9
Thank you all who responded. This is very important information dor me and I do not take it for granted. I have a lot of work and reading to do. I'm coming to realize that studying this stuff is going to be as mandatory in my life as much as elementary school. I'm not going to get around it.
If anyone could recommend a list if readings for me please provide one so I don't waste my time studying" fluff".
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Re: why it scares me
Post # 10
P.s. since my bf met these people AFTER I started dreaming about them does that mean the strands if the web are predetermined in some way? Or we "attract" the strands
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