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Post # 1
I am new one here and I found this site by the spell of getting my ex girlfriend back.
She broke up with me on 03.10 and ever since I've been really hurt. Yesterday I got a heart attack and collapsed, but after that I haven't had physical pain in my heart at least, but I cry every night and beg her to come back.

I know she loves me a lot, because some days ago she forced me to say final goodbyes. I am confused about what is going on. We were together for two years and she was a sweet,loyal,smart and thoughtful girl. Ever since she turned 18 she started with "I am grown up not and not a child" thing and she wants to get rid of me.
When I asked her to stay friends she told me that ex partners can't stay friends.

There are reasons why we broke up and lots of things are my fault. I used to abuse her and threaten her when I got mad and I really regret this.

I am reading a lot and so to change, so when she comes back to me I am a changed man who could make her to the happiest life being in the whole universe.

Now I cannot contact her, because after I had a heart attack I called her a lot and messaged her how much I need her. She said it's harrasment and she'll report me to the police if I contact her again.

When we said our goodbyes I was talking with a friend about other girls and she got angry at me. After when she calmed down she said that I was her best friend and we were a great team and she'll always care about me. I know she loves me.

I love her a lot too and maybe you could give me some spells and links how to do things exactly? I am afraid of screwing it up, because I dont want to hurt her or myself, especially her.

Thank you
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Re: Hello
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

If you had a heart attack yesterday how on earth are you on-line asking about love spells today. In my experience, someone with a heart attack is admitted to a cardiac unit in the hospital, and cardiac units don't permit their patients to have computers in their rooms.

And if you used to abuse her and she feels you're stalking her it isn't a spell that you need to fix this relationship. You need to be working on yourself and the reasons why you both abused her and are now obsessed with her. You need to fix what is wrong with yourself before you are ready to be in a loving relationship with another.

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Re: Hello
Post # 3
Hm, really? They let me out yesterday and as far as I know they once let my granny out too the next day already.

To answer to your other thing:
Yes, I have been abusive and I do realize it's about me. I wouldn't be using it to get her back before getting myself fixed up.
I really love her and want to make her to the happiest. :)
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Re: Hello
Post # 4
Once you abuse sombody it is very hard to get them back. I should known because I did the samething to my ex-wife who I was married to for twenty years. From that? I learned that you just have to work on yourself first before any thing can change. I also learned that if you to where met to be together then one day you will if not you got to learn to close that door and move forward with your LIFE.
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Re: Hello
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Introduce Yourself from Welcome.
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