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Spell casting

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Spell casting
Post # 1

Visualization is the key to successful spell casting. You literally have to see your desire coming true before you. We do this all the time when we're daydreaming at school or at work but when you put a certain amount of will and energy behind it the results just might surprise you even with the most basic form of magick. In my experience I have found that sex magick is one of the most potent forms of magick known to this day within the occult community when it comes to changing someone's will. I have found myself desiring coworkers and obsessing over them on a constant basis all the while avoiding the target person. Soon enough I find them drawn to me making it apparent that they desire me. With enough practice in visualization you can sincerely will certain people to you. This happens to much to me to be considered as coincidence. So yes this is the main thing you have to practice in order to get your spells to work.

Preparatory meditation

Before you cast a spell you want to meditate on the reason why your doing the spell and what you want your spell to manifest into. Once you alleviate any concerns you might have regarding your spell move your meditation into another direction. There are various forms of meditations out there that unite us with the Godhead and I suggest using one of these before you cast a spell. By doing this your changing your mindset thus making your intent and will stronger for the operation. You want to have the mindset and wear a Deific Mask of a God because only God (The Divine Architect, Baphomet, Set, Hecate, Ect, Ect,) has the ability to take life, change someone's will, or do the unattainable thing that the seeker is wanting.

Psychodrama, fetish items, and emotion

There is an amount of psychodrama that is needed in all spells whether it's candle magick or something more advanced like evocation. For instance if your going to curse someone it would be great to have a photograph of them, some of their hair, or an item that they wear regularly. This item is essentially representing them and It helps the magician to establish a physical link with that specific goal or intent by giving them a real object to focus their desire on. So back on cursing someone, you would want to place the fetish items in a figure candle or poppet and visualize that item as the individual you want to harm. As the fetish item becomes them let your emotions out and allow yourself to fall into a frenzy. Do whatever comes to mind whether it's sticking the poppet with pins or stabbing it repeatedly like a homicidal maniac. The more you vent out your emotions on this object that represents the physical form of the actual person the better your results will be. In the case of a curse, this can be very therapeutic also.


Taking time to create your spell goes a long way compared to buying a spell kit or following instructions to the T on a how to site. Don't get me wrong you can use any spell you want but the magician should do something with it in order to make it theirs. This goes back to the section of putting yourself into the right mindset of the operation. Having this type of relationship doesn't only show love and passion for what we do but it helps us to fall into that omnipotent mindset that allows us to create and will change in our lives.

After you cast your spell forget about it

There are to many people who obsess over the spell that they just cast. Personally I like to invoke a certain deity when I cast a spell and afterwards I put it far out of my head knowing that they have it handled. After you cast your spell forget about it and know that it has been taken care of. There is no need to worry about it because if you do so your allowing your spell to be surrounded by negative thoughtforms and doubt. This will make it not work. You must always trust in yourself and your methods.

Law of Concealment

When you cast a spell don't advertise it to everyone. The same thing is going to happen as if you were worrying about it. The less people who know about it the better it will work for you. Just let it be and put it as far out of your head as you possibly can.
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Re: Spell casting
Post # 2
Love this!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful information! Blessed be )O(
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Re: Spell casting
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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Re: Spell casting
Post # 4
Thank you
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