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My Psychic Techniques!

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► My Psychic Techniques!
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My Psychic Techniques!
Post # 1

A lot of people have been asking me about my reading techniques and what I do when I'm reading either a specific individual or for a client.

So here are my personal techniques to try :

I start off every reading by connecting Clairsentiently (this specific way because I am primarily Clairsentient / Empathic ) with their energy, albeit I do utilize Clairvoyance as my seconf main approach and Clairaudience as sort of a side-ability to work with in my readings as well. I go into my mind (focus yourself specifically behind the area where your 3rd Eye is located; this is where you will see) and I visualize a black room with a light over only my immediate space, and I imagine two chairs: one where I am sitting down, and the other just a couple feet away from mine where my subject will soon sit. Personally, I tend to visualize a small coffee table with a centerpiece of flowers just in between the two of us to give this Psychic space sort of a homey, cordial feel to it; it's non-threatening to the energy, and it basically shouts, " Welcome !" to your client's energy!

I then visualize them sitting down in the chair across from me. I say hello to them, sort of make everyday small talk with them to get a better feel for them, and they will respond back however they will; let that come to you. I take their right hand with my receptive hand (left, for me) and I just let my energies mold and shape to become theirs in a sense, and by this point I will begin to feel a very noticeable shift in my own energy from before, indicating that in fact I am connected to and thereby sensing their energy flow. If I sense / feel anything I get the impression that they need to know or anything that desires to be known by them I will relay what I feel to them before addressing their specific inquiries.

I have my clients ask a specific question or questions, and as I continue to hold their hand I bring up in my mind what Debra Lynn Katz in her book, Extraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities likes to call a " Viewing Receptacle ," or a clear, transparent object to use as a mental object to direct your Clairvoyant focus, in a sense, such as visualizing a crystal ball, a rose, a mirror, etc.

In this viewing receptacle, I mentally write the name of the subject and / or situation I am reading about just below the receptacle (personally, I prefer to use a transparent rose; I like the layers and intricacy of such an object) to imbue my receptacle with the energies of the person or the thing I am reading for or about, respectively. Now that my viewing receptacle is all set up, I then mentally write out just above my viewing receptacle the client's specific question (if there are multiple questions, focus on one at a time) I am doing a reading on.

Once the question is written out, I imagine the question going physically into my viewing receptacle and then I clear my mind and focus on how my receptacle reacts to the question; this is the most important step because your answer is found in here. Your receptacle may change color, or grow, or show you certain images, visions, thoughts or words, etc., or your receptacle may spit out the question altogether, in which case this usually indicates that it is not the best time to be focusing on such things at the moment; the possiblities and answers are absolutely limitless!

It doesn't matter how it shows you, just keep your mind clear and focused on what your receptacle does. Jot down whatever happens to it or to you, any visions, images, etc. seen, thoughts heard, or any feelings you feel throughout: these are your answers and these are what needs to be known. As soon as you feel that the information stops flowing, relay your results to your client immediately.

I hope you enjoyed my techniques for performing a good Psychic reading!

If you have any questions, just mail me!


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Re: My Psychic Techniques!
Post # 2
I have found you incredibly accurate and will be coming back for another reading soon for sure :)
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Re: My Psychic Techniques!
Post # 3

Thank you so much, Riddle! That really means a lot!<3

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