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Read it ( you'll enjoy )
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Hello everyone,

After reading FAQ, tips and newbie portal let me introduce myself to you people ^_^
I'm just a normal person who is quite shy in real life but I'm good in internet so no worries as per as spell, magick etc is concerned you can say that I'm just out of my shell today lawl and I know next to nothing ! Actually I'm always moody :'( I and suffers from a lot of mood swings and today out of nowhere I stared lurking around paranormal stuff ( Curiosity is reason I end up in awesome places ) and after a lot of research and watching YouTube videos this is where I end up and I think I should have found it earlier :)

Why I joined this forum ?

You people might think this is a joke or something but seriously since I was maybe 6 I can always predict what is going to be in future ( I'll share some of stories too don't worry :P ) when I was kid ( real small I mean my age ) I was always frreaked out and it grew up as a fear in me as every time I saw something I knew this was going to happen and this lead me in tension and all that stuff I don't want to talk about.
I have been accurate ( almost ) all the time I don't know why but this is kinda makes me sad when I see something bad ;_ ; or something I don't want to happen. I always believed in magic and always wanted to learn but never got that time ( studies and all sucks a big time btw its all over so I can now :D )
My uncle is Wicca or black magic practitioner what ever you call it. He is doing all this stuff from past maybe 40 years or so and he knows stuff that are really fu**ing scary I mean damn I have seen him doing his stuff but he does all this for money and he is kinda greedy and does bad stuffs. Honestly speaking the only thing he cares is money that's the reason I don't like him anymore but he got some real thing ! ( and I fear him a lotttttt he is real close to my family )

My life

Since childhood I have been always a funny kid who loves to hang around , partying , riding bikes, joke-star but since last 3 years I left my hometown and moved to a new city my life have been completely changed and I have know myself a way much better than before its like exploring myself, knowing myself and maybe this is because I was sad, heartbroken, alone ( thanks to the girl ).
Now I'm more of a person who doesn't goes outside its me and myself. I spend most of the time in my room with my pc on 24x7. I don't go outside that often now a days and during these 3 years I have learnt and found out a lot of new things.

Thing that I learned during these 3 years.

As I mentioned before I've mood swings problem its like right now I feel good but the very next moment I feel like dying ( I cry every time ;_ ; lawl :P ! )
but curiosity has always helped me during these periods I always have questions like how did he do that, why is this happening , how is this happening , there must be some reason behind it, Did this happen once again , I have seen this moment before, and these questions are the very reason I'm here today :)

Well coming back to point,

1. Security Researcher ( preventing hackers, virus and their studies stuff )
2. Traditional art ( I draw stuff )
3. Graphic designing ( I very good at this :3 )

Well I'm kind of a story teller and If I keep saying it will be a whole but the topics wont end ! I love to make new friends and learn new things this is my new adventure which is going to be amazing ( I have a good vibe ).

I hope you guys enjoyed it and sorry for making it so long :P
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Re: Read it ( you'll enjoy )
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Welcome to the website Omniscient!

Having the ability to predict the future is common here, and you are among many people who share similar gifts.

I'd love to see some of your traditional art if you ever get around to posting some of your pieces.

Best wishes, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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