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break a curse

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► break a curse
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break a curse
Post # 1
I have the feeling that someone has casted a spell on me.. I have an idea of who it can be only because she is into witchcraft also but she is into dark arts. I personally dont know for sure so id rather not work any magik thus far but i have noticed ever since our friendship went downhill i have nothing but negative energy and bad luck. My life has never been this low before, I can sense the energies against me are strong if anyone has any suggestions be free to talk please and thank you. Blessed be
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Re: break a curse
Post # 2
Oh, where to start ...

Take a mirror ( hand-held or travel-size ), rub sea salt around it, and keep it on your person.
If you feel an "attack" coming on, look into the mirror, and imagine the negative energy going into it.
If you want to be aggressive, you can then imagine the negative being reflected, and going back to the person who created it.

You can smudge your home, with sage, either loose or in a stick/wand form.
You can take a black and/or white candle, dab it 4 times with olive oil, lit it, and then let it burn down/out depending on the type.

When sleeping, place a jar or votive candle ( black or white ), at the window. Dab it 4 times with olive oil, then let it burn down/out.

Keep safe.

~ Never Lost
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Re: break a curse
Post # 3

Whether you're certain or not that it's even a curse then try casting a protection spell or blessing a protection charm. Whatever is the cause of these problems a bit or protection won't hurt.

After that I'd speak to the girl and ask if there's anything she needs to say. Unfinished business can put you both in a negative state of mind and manifest such issues like bad luck and negative energy. Chances are you either miss each other or there's something negative tying you too together. If not having anything to do with her which will become apparent after speaking to her you can meditate and try to pinpoint whatever is causing this sudden spike of misfortune. You could also use a pendulum or some other form divination that will help you locate the root source. From there you can choose the most appropriate action to manage the situation ultimately improving your state of being and happiness. Curses are rare this day an age because they can be difficult to maintain or apply to any one specific individual. Look for signs of others experiecing very similar sometimes exact situations that inspire you to feel down in your life at the moment.

You also want to make sure that it's not just you. We all have points in our lives that we feel stressed, down on luck, and completely out of the groove of things but no worries it will pass. You can also do some exercises to lift your own views of current reality, these negative energies and unfortunate events are often due to our own lack of will and enthusiasm.

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