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How to create coven

Forums ► Covens ► How to create coven
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How to create coven
Post # 1
How do I create a coven,BC it says I haven't been on long enough but I've been Wiccan for almost a month...

Re: How to create coven
Post # 2
You cannot creat new covens on here at this time. In order to run one your account has to be six months old I believe. However I feel that being wiccan for a month is not long enough to run a coven, and many would agree. I do not even feel confident in running one and I have practiced magic for many years. I have ran a physical one and it is very difficult.

Re: How to create coven
Post # 3
Having to wait is probably a good thing. It will give you time to learn more about the craft, and most people study for years before attempting to create a coven.

Re: How to create coven
Post # 4
I thought 3 months was the length of time you had to be here to apply for leadership of a coven, but it may have changed.

Anyway, the option to create a coven on this site has been removed. There are a lot of good covens here that you can join if you want to have people to talk to, study with, learn from, and so on. You can take over leadership of an inactive coven but you have to be a member of the site for a certain amount of time. Originally that time was three months, but it may have changed to 6 months as Lightseer mentioned.

Aside from the amount of time you've spent on the site, you also need to contribute to the forums and chat discussions. Add knowledge threads, offer knowledgeable/helpful feedback, etc. Generally, only the most qualified person applying for the coven leadership position gets picked for the job.

If you have been practicing for only a month though, you really aren't where you need to be to run a coven. Coven leaders need to be knowledgeable in a lot of areas so that they can help and advise their members. They need to be able to keep the coven active, post regularly, maybe offer classes, mediate when/if a dispute arises between members, and all those type of things.

As a coven member myself, I wouldn't feel comfortable being part of a coven where I have more years of practice and study than the coven leaders. This is just my opinion on it though. I'm not trying to be mean.

Re: How to create coven
Post # 5

Lightseer, it's three months, but close.

Re: How to create coven
Post # 6

Also being Wiccan or not for a month isn't enough...It doesn't matter what path you follow, you must wait for at least 3 months in order to apply for a inactive coven.

But that isn't all you have to do, apply for a coven isn't a sure fire way of you actually become the Priest or Priestess. There are probably hundreds of applicants that apply for the placement. You must show that you are capable running a coven in the forums. Petrarca does the application accpetance. So even if you apply, doesn't mean you will get the "job".

Re: How to create coven
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

That feature has been locked on Spells of Magic for the time being and new covens are not to be created at the moment.

There are plenty of already existing covens on this site that teach and specialize in a great deal of magic fields. If you wish to join a coven to learn, feel free to browse the coven listings page (Groups tab) where each existing coven is listed appearing next to its picture/logo.

If you are concerned about what they teach or include simply view their homepages (by clicking on the coven's title) and you may possibly find the information you seek. If your concerns are not answered by viewing their homepage, it usually works to simply email the coven leaders or if the coven has council members they may sometimes be able to help as well.

Remember, new coven applications are closed and new covens are not as of right now, able to be created. So please do refrain from creating new threads asking how to go about creating them, again, it can not be done right now.

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