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I am Gwanyallifed
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My name is Jessica Gwanyalla. I'm a seventeen year old Cancer (Sun), Scorpio (Rising), and currently residing in Somerville, Massachusetts.

I've had a couple account here before, but I had some personal trouble keeping them though now I'm able to be on whenever I please. 

My experience with magick and witchcraft started at the age of eight. I've had dreams of leaving my body and traveling to my old home in Por Au Prince, Haiti as a child. I've come across astral spirits and animals such as a tiger, demons (I'n my house). Something that I've noticed that I can do entering anothers dream. A witch friend of mine told me it wa called, "Dream-walker."

I was born and raised Christian though I do have some Wiccan beliefs, and mainly focus on Paganism since I feel that is what suits my magick-style the best, but I'm also open to other religions and practices. I don't mind change.

I tend to also read others and respond to their thoughts than what it is they decided to say to me aloud, which seems to always get me into trouble if that person isn't okay with honesty but others usually don't appreciate it.

I've worked with other friends, once as a coven, in Tarot readings, scrying and locating which I've proven to be extremely good at enterpretting. Thanks to Akasha0Wolf, from YouTube, I've gotten even better at casting, visualization, and physic.

I've learned, the hard way, that to be three times not youngest acknowledge every ounce of your being, otherwise, it'll get you attention in other ways. That being said, I've found out that I'm what is known by the elders as a lost vessel. Attracting demons because you're either going to due soon or not supposed to be born. (I've had this backed up through readings by my other magical friends teachers.) I'm also clairvoyant and clairsentience. (I get this from my maternal grandma.)
I've began my Book of shadows (as a binder.) 

I found my spirit animal through a forgotten spirit, Skylarh Brun (R.I.P) he's fur is stark black and has piercing blue eyes and is an alpha wolf. And two pythons, Pheanix and Maiden, they're my protectors.

I'm constantly teaching myself. Training to be stronger mentally and spiritually. I have goal to go to my past lives, with the right guidance. I won't do anything I know I have no experience in, though I am a quick learner, forcing tends to bring me a lot of bad luck (that I have to look into.)

That's all me. Feel free to message me on anything. I am an open book. 

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