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Post # 1
I actually know a bit about auras, due to a lot of reading on healing. It turns out seeing auras is actually very helpful to the healer. This is what I believe based on what I've read, and what my eyes have witnessed.

Auras exist in any living body, because the aura is the radiance of the life force of that body. The Aura colors change in humans and animals, because we change, thus our life force changes.

Example: A man who follows a path of evil, greed and lust has a burnt brown and black aura clouded with a grey smokey like aura. This is because his spirit or soul radiates an evil life force. he brings evil where he goes if his will is strong enough.

A man who follows an absolute just path would have a royal purple aura streaked with a golden light, because his spirit radiates pure justice.

A man who heals people out of love, much like myself, has a green aura because his spirit radiates a light of pure love for all things.

The color of the aura is determined by the heart and mind of the being and the light its soul emanates.

That of plants is different, Since plants do not think, nor act upon mind. their aura is simply their spirits, and the brightness is their life force.

To see auras, you must practice.

Here is a good exercise.

draw an eye on your targets forehead (if its a person) if not its fine. draw it on the spot where the third eye is, this is where the light radiates the strongest, this and the heart chakra. blur your vision until you can see two drawn eyes and focus on the spot between them.

after a fair amount of practice, you wont need to draw the eyes anymore. For best results, practice with your target against something white, it makes the colors more apparent.
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Re: Aura
Post # 2
I can't see "auras" as such outside of my dreams. Somehow, in the dreams, even when other people dream and i'm in... i got powers in there. Thats when i can see the auras.

Outside of the dreams... i can only feel certain auras, like the plants ones. If i close my eyes and... i don't know the word.... "connect?" "anchor?" myself to the ground, i can feel the plants and trees like pillars around me.

A friend who sees auras, however, told me that when someone has a green aura it means its life is running out. Maybe the colors depend on the reader?

Other than that, in dreams i can see auras, and interact with the blue aura (my color) so i can charge and discharge items with blue.
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Re: Aura
Post # 3
Hi,.my name is Kelly. I have felt I need or could b a healer...I. am an empathy.so it's more like I am compelled to help..in real life I a paramedic and a vet tech. I very much feel the need to help..I. can feel aura's but not see them..my Aunt saw mine for a moment ..she wed she it pinkish and magenta with some green on the tips. People seem attracted to...strangers wanting to talk about their probe..friends also..the prov is they seem to know instictually.
I can tell when. People are lying.I think they figure it out and it wiggs them out..people lie about the stupidest things even when they don't have too...then they seem to resent me...now I live alone with. 2 dogs...I'm very ill right now and am having trouble grounding and shielding ..I have been enstictivly attracted to amythest and silver since childhood. Also lived to run around barefoot and touch a tree to feel power of the earth..still do..animals. were my first empathetic communication. But I was young and thought everyone was this way..there's more but don't want to bore u..I can also feel energy of spirits...can u tell me what the Colorado in my aura mean.any other guidence would b much appreciated...thank you..blessed be

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Re: Aura
Post # 4
The color could very well depend on the reader, to me a fading white light means life is short. And feeling is just as good as seeing them. Because seeing feeling and hearing are just ways for our brain to rationalize it, truly we detect it but we are unaware of it, until our brain converts it into rational thought.
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Re: Aura
Post # 5
As for the illness, keep a bloodstone with you and draw healingenergh from it and the earth. Sheilds will become easier when you get better.
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