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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Training

Post # 1
I understand that magic requires practice, but I ave to questions regarding that:

1. How long will it take until im ready to actually cast if I practice constantly?

2. Do I have to practice EVERYTHING(I mean meditation, visualization, and everything else.) Or can I ready myself by practicing only a few?

3. Or do I just work my way up, starting with meditation, and eventually working my way up to psionics and the "psy-ball?"
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Re: Training
Post # 2
1. The amount of time that's needed all depends on your own talent and determination.

2. My own personal opinion would be that rather practice all that you can, because it will help to make a stronger foundation than just studying certain parts (example: you'll never pass a math test if you only learn trigonomics)

3. It helps to work yourself up, because it helps with your basic foundation, if I may use the math example again: You can't expect a nine-yearold child to be successful in calculus.

Please note all this is simply my own personal opinoin from past experiences. Feel free to differ from me.
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Re: Training
Post # 3
I agree you have to walk before you run.

Learn the basics first and build from there.
Spend time learning about yourself also. What comes easy or natural to you. What do you have to work harder on. To Use your example. You want to through a Phy-ball, Ok how do you precieve energy naturally?. Do you see it feel it or hear it? Learn to meditate and focus. Learn about your chakras and energtic system.
It takes time and patience,and never never stop learning and growing.
By books take notes. Journal your expierences both sucsessfull and unsusessfull.
Good Luck on your journey
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Re: Training
Post # 4
Alright, so what exactly should I begin with? Visualization or meditation? I have read "The Secret" and though I am by no means New Age it has worked for me in the past.
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Re: Training
Post # 5
I personally would start with meditation. Then move on to some basic chakra clearing and balancing methods.
By all means do what works for you best. These suggestions i am making will help you to strenthen your awareness and energy system.
The stronger and more balanced you are the easier it will become to visulise and control you energy flow.
Here is a very simple exersice to help you disern what your strongest natural gift is. Sit still and quite, breath naturally.
envision a rose closed, then slowly begin to open that rose. keep it going untill the rose is in full bloom. When that happens ask your self did you see the rose open feel it open or hear it open? It could be a combo of things. This will give you an idea of where to star
t your development. Strenthen and use what comes naturally then work to develop things that dont.
Hope this helps I know it sounds child like and un cool. But it is a simple way for you to get a baseline and head in a direction. Also try meditating once a day for 10-15 min and chakra and aura clearing once a day. You will know when to increase those times
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Re: Training
Post # 6
Does grounding count as chakra cleansing?
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Re: Training
Post # 7
No,but grounding is great for energetic balance. In energy work grounding is used literaly to "bring you to ground". Balance and disperce excess energy that maybe floating about. I know in wicca workings they often tell you to ground yourself. I use the word alignment. ie: Aligning my self to the vibration of whatever energy I am using. Chakra clearing or cleansing is a different. You want to go thru and focus on each chakra individually, cleansing it and balancing it. And dont forget about your aura you want to focus on that after cleansing it. There are a million different ways to do this. There are books web sights and im sure cds and ipod downloads you could find to get you started. Just find something you like and start there. I would keep it simple at first. Good Luck Hope this helps
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Re: Training
Post # 8
You're ready when you're confident that you are. If you're not yet, then read up some material on the site.
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Re: Training
By: / Novice
Post # 9
To answer your questions,

1: Years and years. In fact, you should probably prepare to practice and study for the rest of your life. That way you will be pleasantly supprised when it doesn't take that long.

2: Yes, practice everything. I mean EVERYTHING! Even if you think it is not remotely related to what you think you want to study.

#: Psionics and psy-balls are to magic as big wheel tricycles are to Harley Davidson. You can choose to focus on the play things of children, or you can focus on real studies. the choice is yours.


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Re: Training
Post # 10
Can anyone give me a list of things I should practice? I have done chakra cleansing, dream recall, meditation and visualization (I have a feeling I injured a guy with it once.) I am having trouble keeping my third eye open.
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