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Where do I start

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Where do I start
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Where do I start
Post # 1
Hi everyone I'm new in the magic world. I would like to know what spell one can try and learn for a first spell. where do I start.
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Re: Where do I start
Post # 2
I recommend before starting any spell work you learn meditation, grounding, etc. I have learned in my short time on SoM there is more to magick than spell work. There are also some good resources on this website that can help answer a lot of your questions. Check out the various forums, interact in chat with the other members. In other words, learn the basics (if that's what you want to call them); as it is a continual learning process. Hope this helps.
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Re: Where do I start
Post # 3
There is a link in my bio to a book that my help,there are some things in the book that are strictly opinion and it doesn't talk about everything that the index says it does,but it's a NEARLY complete introduction,if you want to learn about a particular method of performing magic than you'll have to do more research,the book will only help you get started,you should also probably follow the advice of the person who answered before.
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Re: Where do I start
Post # 4
I strongly agree with jmcallister, its best to start with the "basics" before you attempt any spells. In my opinion, belief that magic works is a major tool in successful magical workings and if you jump in and try to do spells without having a good idea of how and why magic and the energies unseen work, your success is very limited... so basically if you start doing spells and they don't work your belief in magic is diminished and it could set you back from where you could be if you had studied first.

With that said, if you are willing to take the risk I would start with a spell that you would be able to recognize that it worked and would be less likely be able to be put off as a mere coincidence. I suggest a money spell or something physical to be brought to you, that way when it shows up your faith in magic will go up and you will want to learn more so you can achieve more. I wouldn't try to go "Too big" or get too detailed... just ask for something simple and keep your mind open to accept what it gives you in whatever form it may be.

There are many beliefs and what we call "paths" out there because there are many different types of people. Some may suggest that you should ask for things that are unselfish or the universe will think your selfish and not help you. I say that it depends on the type of person you are because I have seen many people that I consider to be mean and unworthy of being helped because they don't care about others, always having things "go their way" and seem to have great luck while those I consider to be of very good character and good people struggle thru life so I feel my advice above would be a good start.

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