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[LONG] Spell Questions

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► [LONG] Spell Questions
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[LONG] Spell Questions
Post # 1
This is my first post on here, so be please be gentle. Let me forewarn you that my question is probably multifaceted and has multiple parts, but bare with me.

I’ve always been drawn to the occult and mystical aspects of life, and I would say the same could be said for the females on my mother’s side. I was told not too long ago my a reliable psychic that I possessed some psychic abilities, and that I was particularly empathic. Not sure how psychic I am honestly, in fact, I don’t think I am as “super psychic” as she claims I was, but I agree that I’m fairly empathic and it can be a blessing or a curse. Fortunately, I’ve found a forum in which I can use it as a tool, as I work in the mental health field. So, that being said, I’ve always felt like I amparticularly cursed with bad luck, from chronic illness early on, to the worst case of romance blues ever! I’ve been reassured by several “gifted” individuals that I am not in fact cursed, but I feel like some negative energy is always looming inside of me.

SO….where is she going with this right? Okay, so…..

About ten years ago I began experimenting with spells as a naïve and stupid novice. Surprisingly, I actually had some successes with love spells particularly. However, I think they later came back and bite me on the ass, given that the spells casted to reunite myself and my then boyfriend worked too well, and in essence, I ended up with a psycho ex. Nonetheless, in the past ten years or so I have developed my craft, read as much as I possibly could , researched and studied on energies, meditation, mindfulness, centering, grounding, spells, and rituals. I think spiritually I have definitely developed, and in regards to my empathy abilities, have gotten much better at sensing energies which make me feel positive, negative, anxious, etc. However, I still consider myself a novice, still learning about correspondences, creating the right circle, etc. Anyways, despite all this, I have been forever unlucky in love. No, like really unlucky. In essence, I tend sabotage my relationships for various reasons, with the underlying issue always being insecurity and fear of being hurt/rejected. I’ve been told that I can be charming, attractive, gregarious, etc. and can do pretty well at captivating a man when I first begin dating him, to the point that they become pretty “clingy” and consumed with me. However, somewhere along the line, I do something incredibly emotionally toxic, like start a fight or something, that ruptures the relationship. Then I find myself broken hearted, weeping, desperate, and turn once again to my familiar book of shadows to mend my wounded heart. Sometimes the spells work, sometimes they don’t. No matter how much I focus or visualize, their effectiveness seems arbitrary. I suspect, maybe foolishly, that spirit guides or guardian angels intercept the spells because I am not meant to be back in a relationship with the person that dumped me. But I’m not sure.

Currently, I find myself incredibly consumed with an individual who I was in a brief, albeit incredibly passionate relationship with. He is an Aries, and I am a Libra, and for those who subscribe to the beliefs of astrology, you understand that these signs are opposite and charged with high energy. It’s either extremely good or extremely bad. The relationship was pretty dramatic, and I blame myself with more than once creating a toxic situation where I intentionally acted like a brat. No surprise, he dumped me, began seeing someone new almost immediately, and would occasionally send some sort of benign contact (oh Facebook). When that relationship ended, he wanted to see me again, but I brushed him off somewhat. Partly because I was seeing somewhat new, and partly because I was just confused. I have moments where I am completely over this person, who I have not spoken too in about 4 months or so. Then there are periods where I feel like I am the one who is spellbound and so obsessed with him. Regardless, I admit, I definitely have done a few “come back to me” spells. Nonetheless, I have casted several spells, using all the basic elements, and following all the “rules” and….nothing. Am I in essence impotent as a spell caster? What am I doing wrong….okay that’s a super broad question…..what can I do to make this more effective? Or is it better to let him go and cast a spell drawing true love to me instead of a recent ex?

I know how pathetic and lame this all sounds. Trust me, I’m rolling my eyes at my own post. But I cannot ascertain what is it about this one individual that I am so incredibly drawn to! I completely am aware of all his many flaws, and have moments where I’m think to myself “ugh, seriously? I use to find that attractive?” And then there are other moments where I just feel merciless against his magnetism. It’s been like this since April, and it’s driving me mad! I even started seeing someone new for a few months, which usually does the trick of getting over an ex. And still, stuck on this guy! I just don’t understand why I feel so drawn to him, and furthermore, why my spells aren’t working. I suspect there is indeed a thread of him that has some feeling for me, albeit a small faint threat.

Anyways, any feedback on any of this nonsense I just spewed out would be appreciated. Increasing effectiveness of love spells, knowing when to shift “spell” tactics, energy shifts or letting go…..any advice on this stuff would really help.
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Re: [LONG] Spell Questions
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from General Info.
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Re: [LONG] Spell Questions
Post # 3
Hey Vintage, Hi,

I think you are very much confused right now in your love triangle. I think it is a love triangle for you. Well at first you don't need to cast too much love spells on a person, maybe an ex or whoever.
Try to stay calm and relax and try to heal your broken heart first.
I think healing your heart will help you in your magic abilities. Because you will be relaxed and more focused at your spells.

Try to reverse any spells if you did cast them on the person, maybe it will help you relax yourself.

You said in your post that you usually go too extreme in the relationship like fight and whatever. okay
You need to control your emotions, to control them you need to focus your relationships with every person and try to be calm at every time, try to listen to people rather talking and telling them what to do or not to do.

Calmness is the key which is not in you right now and remember to heal your broken heart first, it will definitely help you.
take a break for some time and try to control your feelings first with your family and then with your friends. It will do the trick.

If you need to ask anything more you can p.m me any time. Secondly I have been in this kind of situation for some time I think you can trust me.
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Re: [LONG] Spell Questions
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I think that perhaps you are trying too hard and are too persistant. Your spells are working, yes, but they are working too well, from what you described, in a sort of backwards way. While my expertise does not lie in love spells, I think that you are, esentially, putting yourself in this situation. My advice to you would be that you first get your indecisivness under control. Cut off contact with this young gentlemen and focus on cotnroling your emotions, do not let others bother you. Meditate and come as close to peace of mind as you can. Secondly, think carefully over this person, make up your mind on whether you truly want to be with him or not. If so, then face this like an adult, no trickery, or sabotage, or spells. Love spells have a tendency to backfire, especially if done for yourself, even more so if done multiple times, or if not sure about the target person(s). You need to take a mentle breather and relax. High tensions and letting said empathy get to you will only hamper you and give you turmoil for as long as you don't have it under control. I do hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck in your endevours.
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Re: [LONG] Spell Questions
Post # 5
Thank you all very much. I think you're both absolutely right and I very much appreciate the feedback. I need to get myself more centered and develop more clarity in general. It's reassuring to know at least I'm not as spell impotent as I had originally believed.

Thank you all again!
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