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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Scying

Post # 1
Ive never tried scrying and would like to. I wish to know types of scrying (if there's more than one) and explanations. Please help ive searched google but find mostly scying into a bowl.
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Re: Scying
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
The most well-known scrying technique that is associated with psychics and witches, is the crystal ball. Generally, wisps of mist or smoke are seen in different colors inside, and can be interpreted like an aura.

There is the bowl technique, as it is perhaps the easiest method. It involves taking a preferably black bowl, filling it with water, and gazing into the surface. This is normally done for spirit communication, as your face distorts and becomes the spirit's appearance.

A mirror (preferably black) may also be used, in a similar fashion to the bowl.

Streams, rivers, ponds, and all other bodies of natural water can be used to scry, though I have never tried this.
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Re: Scying
Post # 3
Ok thanks
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Re: Scying
Post # 4
Skrying a particular method adopted by John Dee's medium,
wherein the angelic tongue was used to partially fill tablets
under the premise of a formulae and the remainder divined
in by means of skrying in which the medium would communicate with beings of a higher order. A table for skrying is also described wherein the factors required to reproduce the effect are given.

When it comes to the topic of skrying itself,
skrying is also done by staring into obsidian illuminated
by candle light where the skrying tool (the obsidian) is
placed in the shadow produced by the candles.

Skrying is also easily achieved by staring into wells,
lakes at night and narrow holes in the ground when the
light is dim.

A method of visualization is requisite for these operations
to work. Practice meditating with neither sound nor disturbance
nor intruding thought until images come in. Begin then
to achieve this state while staring into the medium selected.
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Re: Scying
Post # 5
Hello :D scrying is a form of divination and mainly uses crystal balls, black mirrors, or bodies of water. There are other techniques for divination though. I know people who practice divination by using the 7 "forbidden" arts from the renaissance: necromancy (summoning spirits to ask for advice or the future), geomancy (interpreting marks on the ground), aeromancy (interpreting the atmosphere), hydromancy (using a bowl of water), pyromancy (using a flame), palmistry (using someone's palm), and scapulimancy (using bones). I rarely see anyone using those techniques, though, because those require a lot of patience, effort, and practice; plus I think crystal balls are much easier. I have only practiced necromancy to gain wisdom and pyromancy which I found hard because staring at a flame for a while puts strain on one's eyes.

I personally scry using a crystal ball which I find very easy. There are a lot of sites giving instructions on scrying if you are interested. I also use magic squares while crystal gazing, it seems to be more effective when I do. Here is one of the sites: http://www.crystalskulls.com/scrying-crystals.html.
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Re: Re: Scying
Post # 6
Hmmm, you make a good point blueskies, there are
a diverse and endless number of forms of divination,
from tracing the flight of birds, to watching tea
leaves upon water, to tossing coins, ...
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Re: Scying
Post # 7
I know stone divination
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Re: Scying
Post # 8

My style of scrying is more heavily focused upon the visions I recieve. I also use veins on the body, and really...whatever surface there is. If something catches my attention on a psychic level, I will pay attention to it for scrying.

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Re: Scying
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
You may use anything to scry--water, ink, tea leaves, fire, smoke, any reflective surface, crystals, clouds, even dirt thrown on a light colored surface or sand thrown on a dark one. The possibilities are endless because it isn't the medium that is important, it is you accessing a higher consciousness (therefore your intuition) through a trance. In the trance you experience visions, emotions, sounds, or thoughts that are provoked by the medium you've choose. Practice entering trances easily before attempting to scry for better success on your first attempts. Just google "how to enter a trance" there are many various instructions.
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Re: Scying
Post # 10
I think you can scry into the moon,but i don't know how yet.
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