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Post # 1
I saw a post below about a dream and I thought I might as well..

I had a dream and normally I can depict what they mean, but this one is completely out there. if t weren't so disturbing I might just toss it back in the vault and forget about it. I sincerely want to know what you guys think. Of course I'm going to find my own solution to it, but I was to see what your perspective is.


I was with a man in his truck driving down a dirt road. I didn't know who the man was and I never saw his face. I was in the passengers seat. He stopped and we got out and started walking through the woods. It was light out and the scene was really beautiful. Everything about it was peaceful. However, there was another man and for some odd reason the guy I was with killed him. I don't know where this other guy came from and I didn't know who he was either. He left the body there and we left. The whole time I was abosultly mortified. For some reason the dream seemed to skip time because I was back in the forest and I came upon the body. Only this time I was alone and the body was green and rotten. There were maggots, and it was completely bloated as a dead body would be. Even then I couldn't see the man's face because it was so badly distorted. For some reason I couldn't turn around and I had to walk past it even though I could hardly face it.
Throughout the whole time in the forest, it remained lovely even though what was going on, was completely the opposite. The leaves were just as green and the sun was just as bright. I find this odd because in most dreams the setting seems to reflect what the person is feeling. I imagine that a corpse would cause some sort of effect, but it didn't. I felt so many horrible emotions but the things around me remained the same.

Any ideas of what my mind is descreetly trying to tell me?
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Re: Dream
Post # 2
I found this article I thought it might help, I was always told that when you dream of death that thier will be a birth. Good Luck I hope you find your anwsers.

Dreams about death can be one of many things. Right off the bat, most people think that a dream about death is a bad thing, but this is not necessarily true.

This dream is very common and often means that something is ending in one's life such as a long family battle or a battle with a sickness. Things that have been dragging along in your life such as the coming to an end of a career could finally be ending with a dream about death. Other things it could possibly be would be an ending to a relationship. In most cases the relationship or career is making the person unhappy or not a good situation, so the dream is a good thing.

Generally these dreams are a start to something new and fresh. The symbolism of death is most always a positive thing. There are a few cases when it really means that death is going to happen, but usually it means the rebirth of something better. It could also mean that it could be the end of a person’s worries. The worries will die in a sense. The cause of the worry will cease to exist. Another possible meaning could be of prosperity and longevity.
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