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How do I tell my parents?

Forums ► General Info ► How do I tell my parents?

How do I tell my parents?
Post # 1
I am only 14 and I have been practicing witchcraft and magick for a few months. I am running low on candles and other potions I made on Halloween. My family is Christian and I am the only Wiccan in it. And I am also the only one who knows that. If my parents ever found out I was doing witchcraft for magick they would be devastated. They would probably be so disappointed in me. They have their hearts and souls set that witchcraft is a terrible thing and only Satan worshippers do it. And it is only bad. I myself doesn't practice Black Magick or anything like that. I do healing spells and calming spells and well my point is, normal harmless spells. I don't think I am ready for anything like that. Anyway, my question is, does anyone know how I can get my parents to understand that Witchcraft isn't bad? At least not all of it... I am so young and I just can't keep up with hiding it anymore.
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Re: How do I tell my parents?
Post # 2
hey i am cathlic to and my parents arnt happy about it i ther in all honsty. i try to explane to them that magic isnt evil that its a gift given to some. explain about the conseptes of white magic and that it can be drawn as a parralle to prayrs and also just because u practice magic does not make u a devil worshiper or a pagan that many people are cristian and practice magic you can still believ in god and do this. you might whant to wait a bit. i go to college in two years so i dont have to worry but your a diffrent story.
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Re: How do I tell my parents?
Post # 3
Hmmm... well that is a difficult situation. Maybe you can try to subliminily let them know that it isnt bad and that there are spells that are specificuly for good things to happen like your healing spells then when they seem fine with it tell them. It would take a long time and I would like to help but this is all I can say cause thats a tight situation. I would usually tell you to tell them when your 18 but if you really need to tell someone then I guess you could do this or another idea cause mine is admittingly not that good. I suppose if you just need to tell someone in general you could tell a trustworthy friend. Good luck maybe itll work out if you come out with it I dont know. I hope itll work out.
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Re: How do I tell my parents?
Post # 4
First off, they may not act like you would think. Also try tell them, and explain the truth. If they truly care about your opions they will respect it no matter how much they hate it. Also explain why you choose magic. Also let them know that even though they may be concerned, that you respect that they respect your whishes. If they don't then tell them that you appreciate their concern, but you are happy with what you are, and the path you have choosen.
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Re: How do I tell my parents?
Post # 5
I was going to say, if they haven't figured it out, by now, then that means they are bad Christians. I wouldn't pay much attention to them, knowing that they are ignorant hypocrites, to say the least. Snap out of it. Don't feel bad about anything. If they were true Christians, they would try to understand and give you some time. Im telling you, if they were true Christians they would already know. True christians have this thing called, discernment. It sounds like you feel constricted. It's like it eats you up inside. While at the same time there is a sense of fear that they may find out, and it's when they find out that you are scared. You feel like they will have caught a very bad person doing bad stuff, if they find out.

I am telling you, just drop the feeling, you shouldn't feel bad or scared. Don't even let those feelings compel you. If you have gotten this far, in the environment you have grown up in, so far. That says something. In Christianity, it is the parents' responsibility for the very wellfair of their children. That means, a Christians life style is one that is always vigilant and fervent by the word of their lord's word.

My youngest sister is a real Christian, because I could just tell. Every life style in life can be a struggle. I know for a fact that my youngest sibling is a true christian, because she was able to come up to me and ask if I was into witchcraft. She understood and didn't admonish me for it, yet she told me that she still cares for me and told me to be careful.

So, I am telling you if your family is truly understanding, they will be patient and will pray for you. Some Christians have their discernment so well within them. They have their own form of magick, and some can basically turn your life upside down, if they are those that live the life style, constantly praying and the fasting type, who's words are always full of understandingof and kindness.

But until then, until that day where there is some sort of closure, you are going to have that external fear bugging you. You see, you gotta be able to forget about externalization, because externalization causes one to fail at looking inside oneself to balance his or herself out. You gotta be able to look inside yourself and truly see things, and that means you got to let go of this external fear, in order to self-actualize.

Ever wonder why you can't remember your dreams, or why you feel like you are constantly thinking about something, while you sleep? It just might be, because of your external problems aren't met because you haven't solved your problems internally first. You gotta be able to look inside yourself and establish something. Even if it sounds as kooky as something Will Ferrel might say, you just gotta blossom like a peacock. You gotta fly and live your own life. You can't let these external pressures take a hold of you.
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Re: How do I tell my parents?
Post # 6
this is funny i have the very same problem, im 14 with christian parents and im the only Wiccan...Sorry i cant really give you advice on anything because I myself need some as well...

all I can is good luck and Blessed be!
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Re: How do I tell my parents?
Post # 7
Have humility like the moose. I think you may come out realizing that it just isn't worth it, stressing over. I think if you take a minute to look inside yourself, you night notice some thing. I think you may have to let some things go, because if you keep up this anticipation, those around you will start to notice that, and whatever is on your mind at the time, will basically show for itself. With that said, if you are afraid people will think you are evil, then you will attract that characteristic to yourself, then people will start to think you are actually evil, even though you're really not evil.

Just tell then you're a holy man in pain, that you're a very sensitive creature, 'Your ways are not my ways, and my ways are not your ways,' while hopping around on a broomstick. It's so overt it's covert.

Yeah, I can see how this is eating you up, on the inside.

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Re: How do I tell my parents?
Post # 8
Look, tell them that you want to learn to help people in a spiritual way, then make it so you "just so happend to find this website" that's how I'd pull the wool over the eyes_
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Re: How do I tell my parents?
Post # 9
Also make you image "a religious symbol" this may also help_
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Re: How do I tell my parents?
Post # 10
The Gods gave you free will and you can use it anyway you chose,try to have it in you a little longer then when you are older like 17 or 18 then you have to pick up all the courage you can to tell your parents if you want to that is,by hidding it it will just get heavier on your soul making it harder to hide or even think strait...Try to find some facts to use as backup to your theories in order to convince your parents that you are not evil nor a Satan worshiper,this might be one of the harder things in life and think positive,think what might happen if you do tell them sooner or later...Just remember that you are special the way you are...
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