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Contacting Totem Animal

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Contacting Totem Animal
Post # 1
I'd very much like to contact my Totem Animal and I'd like to know how to go about it. Would listening to pure sounds of nature be of any help?
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Re: Contacting Totem Animal
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

You might want to research Shamanic Journey. That's how shamans find them, I guess. And it is pretty amazing. :)

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Re: Contacting Totem Animal
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
You can usually find them through meditation or dreams, I believe there are tons of articles and threads on them here. Not to mention all the sites on google. I'd research it a little, and that'll probably attract their attention.

I do hope you find yours, it's a wonderful part of your life. (:
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Re: Contacting Totem Animal
Post # 4

Totem animals This has been a subject I have not done in a while. I mean I think the last time I taught this was about two years ago. But anyways. Somethings you may need to learn before you go forth into the meditation.

In shamanic practices I have learned that it is easier to contact your power animal before ancient ones. The totem animals are extremely louder to beginners in shaman outlook. At least it is to me. For others it is a different story. As they are easier to hear they are easier to see. They can come to you as well as speak to you when you wish them to. Or they may come to you on their own. Some people refer them as animal Helpers.

Like ancient ones they are guides. They tell you what you need to know. They give you their immense energy. No shaman would ever go into sacred space without their animal helper. Any questions on this please message me and I will be happy to help you out. They can help you define your dreams as it has happen for me a few times to understand what my dreams meanings are. I find them to be one of the best interpreting ever.

On to meditation. I mediate daily and often meditate with my totem animals usually we meditate together with out speaking unless things bring to need to be speak of.

Step 1.
Close your eyes. Start on your breath. Deeply breath in letting your abdomen rise and fall. I suggest doing this twenty times. Allow yourself to become really relax.

Step 2
Create your sacred place. If you have not done this. I shall explain what a sacred place is. For my students in the past it is used to go to mediate in to relax or to help with depression. I even suggested this to some people with emotional issues. This place is a Nature area it is create by you and only you can enter it. I often imagine my sacred area to be a Waterfall among the woodland area in a Tundra area. Once you have your place. You need to make a connection to your place as you are the place and the place is you.

Step 3
Now once you have done step one and step two. Imagine a path. As you imagine the path way imagine the natural ideals of the place the wind the smell of the air. As you do this go forth and walk down the pathway. It will begin to go down hill slowly. The ground will become hard and small stones in the soul will become more secure as you walk upon the pathway. As you walk down the pathway you will cross a wooden Bridge underneath is a rushing river.

Step 4
As you begin walking on to the bridge you may hear echos. Often my students claim to have heard a steady drum beat. You are getting closer to what you are wishing to reach. Some times my students need to drop something into the river sometimes in respect or they just need to let something go.

Step 5
So you pass the bridge you shall see the path going slightly upward to a large meadow or field. When I first did this It was a wheat field. In the middle of the field is a circle space of short grassland walk towards it and once you reach to the circle of grass area. Place yourself sitting their. Then slowly Whisper For your totem animal to come to you.

Step 6
It may not appear. This sometimes happens if not just relax and enjoy yourself being their. And as such. I believe should try again. But for everyone else. I have had my students come to them from no where as others appear from a distance walking towards them. As it comes to you watch how it walks. Listen if they speak. Observe them carefully.

This is the beginning of many things to become. For more instructions or ideals send me a message.

~Cosmic Blessing~

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Re: Contacting Totem Animal
Post # 5
I attempted this Meditation it was very soothing thank you. I also found out two of my tote animals.
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