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Change a persons attitude

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Change a persons attitude
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Change a persons attitude
Post # 1
How to Change a Person’s Attitude

Do you have someone harassing you or someone who treats you in a nasty manner (yes, this works with persons on the internet and you can use their screen names)?


-paper and pen
-some drops of your own blood or drops of animal blood (from a package of meat, please)
-lighted candle, black is good but they’re hard to find. A very dark red, plum, etc., may be used.
-matches, tongs, and a safe place to burn the paper
-trowel to dig earth or a potted plant or pot of dirt
-(for cemetery work, the details are below)

Light the candle to help set the mood. Write the person’s name 13X backward on the paper. Use the writing of their name as a mantra. Each time you write their name, visualize them leaving your life, disappearing from it. Feel the relief.

To charge the paper, anoint it with the blood. Imagine what you want, inhale deep, and then exhale your desire onto the paper. This breathes life into your spell, creating a thoughtform.

In a safe place, such as bath tub, you can now burn the paper which will release the thoughtform into the aether. Fold the paper up and place it in a tongs. Light the paper and let it burn. Then, bury the ashes in the earth or in a plant/pot of dirt.

Notes: The blood creates a sympathetic link because all living mammals have blood. You could use a picture of the individual as well. If you poke your own finger (please prep with alcohol and sterilize the needle – quick jab in the tip of the middle finger), that’s more powerful; it is a bit painful and more of a sacrifice.

My experience has been that the person’s attitude changes quickly, not that they necessarily leave my life immediately.

Now, it doesn’t take much imagination to realize you could make this spell a deadly one if that is your intent; if you are going to do something that nefarious, you would bury the ashes in a graveyard at midnight or after. Be careful. It is illegal to be in most cemeteries after sundown. And you could be charged with not only illegal trespassing but vandalism or grave desecration. If you take this on, respect the dead by paying them: first, do not use a person’s grave; second, thank the entire dead of the graveyard for allowing you to do your work and aiding you. Tell them why you are doing this work. You must have a very good reason, be convinced in your own mind; third, drop 13 pennies in the hole; fourth, pour an airline-sized bottle of rum into the hold; fifth, replace the plug of earth instead of leaving a hole. Always respect the dead. This is not something to play around with and it is a form of necromancy: you are using the energies of the dead.


I would like to here some thoughts on this spell, whether it would work or do I have to reword it and/or change any aspects.
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Re: Change a persons attitude
Post # 2
Well my first thought was that the juices on packaged meat isn't blood, not to say it wouldn't work, I don't know. My second thought is that this sounds dangerous and I could never think of a good reason to do it. I've had bad or negative people in my life and managed to get them out without magic. Especially online where you can just click the mouse and ban them. It's also kind of confusing because you call it changing someone's attitude and claim that's what it does, but that doesn't seem to be the intent. Anyway, sorry, I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear, but it's my honest opinion.
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