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Moon wish XD

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Moon wish XD
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Moon wish XD
Post # 1
ok, so every now and then i do this. it works but it takes time...ok mabey i should start at the begining.

Alright! anyways, i kinda came upon this by acident honestly but im happy i found this out X3. well when i was 10 i realy, and i mean REALY wanted a ps2 w/japanese related games. so one night i was staring at the moon (which was a full moon) and made a wish for the ps2 and games, i made a promise i would do something in return (well obviously you cant get everything by not earning it). money was a problem with my family, ahh the good old days back in scranton where we went doughnut dumpster diving, who knew they threw away good doughnuts in special bags? *ehem* anyways, well some years later i finaly got my wish. as some more years went by i started to become a bit of a spiritualist i gues and enjoyed studying a variety of gods religion and so forth. i felt a strong connection to the moon and knew that the full moon and new moon was special. so then me bein weird i kinda started treating the moon as an actual person (i still belive the moon is a wonderfull goddess) well i would comment on her every night like "you look lovley as always" or "well arnt you bright tonight" and so forth. now and then i would make a wish on her and try to do something in return. ok so im sure you prob bored and want a decent direction on how this works so here we go.

1. belief (you must belive the moon is a real being, not just a big hunk of rock thats magical, she has feelings!!)

2. respect ( be honest and true, say some nice comments to her, especialy on her beuty, she seems to like that XD)

3. Full Moon (must be on a full moon, to me there are 3 full moons ((the full moon lasts for three days, 1st day is the day before the official full moon, 2nd is the official full moon, 3rd is the day after the full moon)) now if you plan on saying the wish on only one day then make sure its the official moon, but if you realy want you wish to come truw i sugest you make your wish on all 3 days)

4. wish (now it has to be good/positive, no curses, no harming of others and so forth, plus you have to do something in return say "i wish i could go to the mall" then promise to "be kind and do my hardest in school". please be serious about this, she knows a liar when she sees one and yes she sees you)

5. timing (depending on the wish will depend on the time, it may happen within a day or so, mabey in some months or years, realy you cant make her do things when you want them "unless you ask to go on some things like the rennisance then mabey she would get the wish done on that time)

you have to belive in this, if you give up hope then it wont work alright. i remeber my younger sister asking me about this wish and she did it herself, i didnt know she wished for a boyfriend -_-. now that i would advice to not do that. yes she may present you a boyfriend but the boyfriend can be unpridictable, sadly my sis's boyfriend was a perv and just wanted sex so that didnt end well. PLEASE DO NOT WISH FOR A BOYFRIEND!! you have been warned!
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Re: Moon wish XD
Post # 2
Lol. Nice post. I might have to try this some time. :D
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Re: Moon wish XD
Post # 3
Aw that's sweet. Im going to try it next full moon. I believe it because I had something similar happen to me. I was randomly given something (as an adult) that I wished as a kid I would have as an adult. It's crazy how things work out sometimes.
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