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Realm Creation Guide

Forums ► Astral Projection ► Realm Creation Guide
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Realm Creation Guide
Post # 1
First off, I do not take responsibility for any irrational or unintelligent choices you make while forming or using your realm.

Possibilities: Well the possibilities are basically endless, but assuming you want your realm to be inhabited by humans and animals, you can make all inhabitants have their own minds, so they will be able to make their own choices and have rational thought and other human functions. After practicing, other beings (friends, enemies, spirits, ect.) may be able to enter your realm, but that will be in a later post.

First off, meditate and clear your mind, then move all your pure energy into a ball in front of you, picture the ball forming into the landscape you wish for your world, add the life you want, set evolution in motion, make it begin as a modern planet, make a whole galaxy, or even a universe, or an omniverse, the choice is all up to you.

After your "world" is complete and ready to be entered, picture the energy world solidifying into a physical planet and send it into the universe, but keep a strand or ribbon of energy connecting you and your world, this strand will serve as the trail to enter your world, make the strand enter your world where you want your entry and exit point to be. I suggest putting a generous amount of entry/exit points around your world, for convenience and security purposes.
WARNING: The next step is optional and only should be done if your world is safe or if you can handle yourself.
OPTIONAL: Link your physical body with your astral/spirit body, this is so your physical body will feel what your astral form feels, and your astral body will feel what your physical form feels.

FINAL STEP: ENTRY: To enter your realm, do anything you may do to astral project, and as you are entering the astral realm, have the energy "trail" pull you towards your realm, enter any entry point you wish, and you are in your realm. If done correctly, you will only be able to act according to the laws of your realm, for example, if you made an exact copy of Earth, you as a Human, would not be able to fly, advance time, change into animals, ect. but if your realm allows that, (no gravity/low gravity) then you will be able to do moon jumps of fly freely.

EXIT: To exit your realm, simply go to any entry/exit point and picture your astral body being pulled out of the realm and put into your physical body, the point you leave the realm is the point you return to in the next session.

If you leave the realm without entering the exit point, you will enter your realm-ial (XD) body where you left in your last session, and since time advances at a steady rate, whether you are in the realm or not, your body will be subject to anything that may happen while you are not there (killed, eaten, cut, ect.) so I recommend leaving only by the exit points.

DEATH: If you die in the realm you may feel a sharp pain (if you linked your bodies) near your physical stomach, you will lose anything you are wearing or holding, and will be forced out of astral form and enter physical form again, the next session in the realm will be you needing to pick the original entry/exit point again.

If you have questions or concerns, message me and I will answer as soon as I can.

Happy Roaming
-Nikita V. Shlarzliya.
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Re: Realm Creation Guide
Post # 2
I have never understood 100% the "mechanism" of a Realm.
Is it:
-just an illusion we get on the astral,a creation of imagination,like that thing I've read that the Astral Plane takes the appearence our mind wants to take.

-a real thing,like this world in which we live,kind of parallell universe or co-existing dimension,physical like this one,but instead,I am GOD.

Also,3 questions:
-Will the higher and lower beings of the astral be able to enter and change my realm on their own or I must "give them permission" to enter or change my realm.

-Do creatures of the realm actually have a spirit of their own like we do.I.E. An astral body of their own?

-What's your realm like?(Just to keep the thread up.Everyone talking about the realm)
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Re: Realm Creation Guide
Post # 3
It's in not actually in the astral realm, just need to AP to get to it, and yes, I guess you could be a God, I never tried, I enjoy living among them and not being at a very high responsibility position, you know, less stress.

Since the realm is not in the astral realm, it would be difficult, if not impossible for them to enter it, but if you practice you can have your friends enter your realm, after entering it once, you'll have access to it, as long as you have the energy link. Don't worry about astral entities roaming your world.

They have their own consciousness, personalities, minds, feelings, needs, and so on, so they have all the symptoms of having their own individual spirit. They are just like us, but live in a different world. If you make the realm for them to be able to AP, then they will be able to AP, and they are already in a semi-astral form to begin with.

Well, I have made a few realms since I perfected my technique, the first realm I have created was a perfect copy of the internet game "Runescape" it was fun but I ended up destroying the realm because there was only one enter/exit gate and I made the realm so big but I could never reach farther then two cities west, not because it was far, but because it was a copy of the game, and the game has no horses, I couldn't build up the energy to make it.
My second realm was a very, very random world, since I just spun my energy ball and threw features and life into it while creating it, this realm worked out well, and I ended up being king, but the city to the North-East rampaged my kingdom and killed most people, I left the realm as soon as I could and got rid of it, not by destroying it, but by detatching myself from it.
My third and current realm, that I have had for many years, is kind of a galaxy, but before space travel, they still use horses and swords, I put two entry/exit points on each of five planets, and four entry/exit points on the sixth planet, since it is more then twice as big, and I am not a king or a god in this realm, I put a public access teleporter near each of my entry points, since you can only enter the realm where you left last time, I can check on every planet pretty quickly, and there is also a war going on between one kingdom, which a few people just found in the southernmost part of the planet, and the central kingdom, who's citizens are not strong, but are very smart.

When you create a realm, tell me about it, I am very interested in hearing about it.
Nikita V. Shlarzliya

P.S. I had to back up the teleporters with science because the natural laws in the realm are the same as on Earth.
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Re: Realm Creation Guide
Post # 4
Just A Few Questions?:

Like, the way how you explain how to enter/exit in or out your realm can we do it differently like for ex.( can we just think hard to return back to our original bodies )

To create the realm, so like to add our own features can we make them like into different seperate rooms so like when we enter our realm all we have to do is go to a certain room of what catergory we want to be in? Also, when in the making of creating the realm do we just think of the features to add into the white energy ball?

Blessed Be & Much Luv
- Tevans
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Re: Realm Creation Guide
Post # 5
You can leave anywhere or any time, but without an entry/exit your body will just go limp and fall where you left it, you can put an entry/exit on a piece of paper or something of the sort. (Credit to Rorin95 for that idea)

For the different rooms, you can try that, but the entry/exit you leave from, is the one you enter the next time, for example, if you exit on the western most side of your realm, you HAVE to enter on the western side, you can not enter on the east untill you exit on the east, but you can make a "main room" with doors to other "sub-realms," thats all I can think of for that.

When you start creating it? If you just think, "the realm will have mountains." Your realm will have mountains in random places, and random heights and quantities, but if you make an energy model of the mountain you want, you can place that exactly where you want it to be.

-Nikita V. Shlarzliya.
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Re: Realm Creation Guide
Post # 6
This was a big help on how to do a realm creation thank you for the guide :)
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Re: Realm Creation Guide
Post # 7
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Re: Realm Creation Guide
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
aah yes, ive made somthing like this before, but on accident. once you realise it is yours, to do with what you want, it becomes quite fun :)
just beware, problems you have with your life, or mind, may manifest in the world/realm and if you arent carfull, can cause actual harm to you. but of course, it wont show phisicaly.
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Re: Realm Creation Guide
Post # 9
@Dremora: You can be what you wish, but plan it carefully because if you don't like your realm you will need to make a new one.

@Vikki: Alot of people make them but think it's their imagination and treat it like their imagination.
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Re: Realm Creation Guide
Post # 10
yes i know im still planning my realm
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