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herbs & stones
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Cedar- Purification and protection, spiritual growth andprosperity.

Cinnamon- Love, psychic ability, and protection.

Copal- Purification and cleansing of ritual space and stones.

Dragon's Blood- Lust, courage, and sexuality.

Frankincense- Protection, spirituality, and consecration of ritual tools and space.

Jasmine- Love, peace, and prophetic dreams.

Juniper- Exorcism, healing and love magick.

Myrrh- Healing, protection, consecration of ritual tools and space, meditation.

Pine- Money, purification, and exorcism.

Rose- Love, psychic powers, healing, luck, protection, Domestic peace and happiness.

Sage- Spiritual growth, healing, and purification of the home and ritual space.

Sandalwood- Protection, healing, love and spiritual growth.

Vanilla- Love, seduction, mental powers, an aphrodisiac.


New Moon- New Moon magick begins on the day of the new moon to three-and-a-half days after. Use the energy of the new moon for new ventures and new beginnings. Also use the new moon for love spells, job hunting, and healing.

Waxing Moon- The waxing moon begins seven to fourteen days after the new moon. Use the waxing moon for constructive magick, such as llove spells, magiick for wealth and success, courage, friendship, luck or good health.

Full Moon- A powerful energy for rituals of prophecy, divination and protection. Any spellwork that requires extra energy, such as finding a new job or healing serious conditions, is best begun during the full moon. Also for love, gaining sacred knowledge, legal matters, attracting money and prophetic dreams.

Waning Moon- Begin waning moon magick three-and-a-half to ten-and-a-half days after the full moon. The waning moon is used for banishing negativity, for curing addictions, and illness.

New Moon- The energy of the dark moon is useful for working magick against attackers, and for understanding your own angers and passions. Also for rituals designed to bring justice to bear in very negative situations.

The Moon spends a day or two each month in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The sign the moon is transiting through can be used to good advantage during spellwork.

Moon in Aries- A good time to perform spells related to job ventures and all new projects related to money. Also a good time to develop strength and courage, and lust spells. This is not a good moon for performing divination.

Moon in Taurus- This moon is excellent for spellwork relatd to love, creativity, and inner peace. Spells done at this time take the longest to manifest, but the results will be very long lasting and be stable.

Moon in Gemini- The perfect time for spells dealing with communications, healing, and uncrossing spells. Be careful- the moon in Gemini can be unpredictable and unstable.

Moon in Cancer- Excellent for any spell involving the home, fertility, children, or divination.

Moon in Leo- Spells involving leadership, prosperity, fame and career are best done in Leo, but do not perform any spells involving love, or any other emotion, as Leo may actually counteract it.

Moon in Virgo- This moon ensures a spell which involves meticulous detail, especially spells involving education, healing, and stability.

Moon in Libra- Excellent for working a spell with a partner, and for magick involving marriage, couples, partnership, peace, and fairness.

Moon in Scorpio- Use this energy for mysteries, the occult, divination, and sex magick.

Moon in Sagittarius- This is an excellent time to experiment with new techniques or magick spells, but it is not a good time for psychic worrk or divination.

Moon in Capricorn- Perfect for spells to manifest life's basiic needs and for stability.

Moon in Aquarius- The best time to work on behalf of others, but consciously stay focused on your heart to maintain a higher consciousness with others, and to avoid selfish motives.

Moon in Pisces- Perfect for divination and psychic work, past life regressions, and communication with spirits.

Sunday- Ruled by the Sun. Power, prosperity, health, banishing evil annd excorcism.

Monday- Ruled by the Moon. Intuition, dreams, psychic ability, female fertility, and the Goddess.

Tuesday- Ruled by Mars. Courage, energy, and physical strength. banishing negativity.

Wednesday- Ruled by Mercury. Divination, communications, knowledge, wisdom, and study.

Thursday- Ruled by Jupiter. Good luck, wealth, healing, male fertility, legal matters.

Friday- Ruled by Venus. Love, sex, marriage, fertility and friendship.

Saturday- Ruled by Saturn. Psychic ability, meditation, and communication with spirits.

ADVENTURINE -(green) Draws money and prosperity.
AGATE - Courage, strength, love, protection
ALEXANDRITE - Courage, strength, love, protection

AMBER -(yellow, orange, brown) Helps clear the mind, gives mental clarity, inner peace.

AMAZONITE - Success, joy, self-expression; awakens the heart and throat Chakras
AMETHYST - Courage, psychic energy, dreams, healing addictions (especially alcohol) peace, happiness, love; opens Crown Chakra
AQUAMARINE - Courage, purification, peace, psychic awareness, self-expression; balances all the Chakras
AZURITE - Psychic energy, dreams, divination, healing, concentration, transformation
BERYL - energy, love, healing, psychic awareness, protection (especially from weather and water)

BLOODSTONE-(green with red flecks)Courage, strength, victory, wealth, self-confidence, aids healing, especially from surgeries or blood related diseases; helps regulate the first four Chakras

BLUE LACE AGATE -(light blue) Healing. Overcoming obstacles. Can be used as a “wish stone.”

BLUE STALACTITE -(blue) Personal power and direction. Helps with finding and staying on the right personal path. Promotes self-knowledge, centering, connecting to the HIGHER SELF.
CALCITE - Centering, grounding, purification, money, peace, calms fears

CARNELIAN -(orange-red) Promotes personal power, strengthened magic, increased fertility or creativity, happy home. Also helps combat the jealousy of others.
CELESTITE - Verbal skill, healing, compassion, calming; aids growth

CHRYSACOLLA -(blue, green) Wisdom, promotes balance and inner peace.

CHRYSOPHRASE -(green) Clears blockages in communication, promotes eloquence and persuasiveness.

CITRINE -(golden brown) Strengthens self-esteem, psychic powers, protection, promotes balance and good cheer; deflects nightmares

CRAZY LACE AGATE -(brown stripes) Awakens hidden talents and abilities, promotes success in career situations.

CRYSTAL (CLEAR QUARTZ) -(clear) Amplifies and directs energy. Builds energy pathways. Strengthens the energies of anything its put with.

DIAMOND-(clear) Earth’s hardest stone -promotes personal growth, spiritual lessons, perfecting of self. Also resilience, perseverance, permanence.

EMERALD -(light to dark green) Protection, success, prosperity. Also promotes memory, learning.

FLUORITE -(comes in many colours) Promotes healing. The focus of the healing may be emotional, physical, spiritual, etc., depending upon the colour of the fluorite.

GARNET -(dark red, wine) Personal power, focus, protection. Also aids in healing, especially with blood related diseases;opens the Root and Crown Chakra
GEODE - Fertility, childbirth, meditation, freedom of spirit, psychic ability, dreams, astral travel.

GOLDSTONE-(brown with gold flecks) Used to draw money, especially through commerce or the collection of monies owed. Goldstone is a synthetic stone, but made with real gold.

HEMATITE -(silvery black) Gives protection, absorbs negativity, helps relieve grief or pain.

JADE-(comes in many colours, but most commonly green) Serenity, inner peace and balance, good fortune. Promotes the perfection of self, and connection to Spirit.

JASPER -(red, brown) Helps promote openness to new ideas and influences, flexibility.

JET-(black) Sacred to Hecate. Jet gives protection, promotes mental and emotional clarity, deflects negativity, and helps to overcome sorrow or sadness. Traditional stone of mourning, now grown rare.
KUNZITE - Creativity, communication, peace, balance, relaxation, grounding

LAPIS LAZULI -(dark blue) Promotes psychic opening, clairvoyance. Now grown rare.
LEPIDOLITE - Peace, spirituality, physical strength, luck, protection, psychic ability, emotional balance; deflects nightmares

MALACHITE -(green and black) Malachite promotes success -whether in business or love. Prosperity, creativity, fertility.

MARLENITE-(red, red and yellow) Also called “Philosopher’s Stone.” A very strong money stone, this synthetic stone is named for Marlena Berndt, famous metaphysical historian of gems and stones.
MOLDAVITE - Psychic abilities, mental and emotional balance

MOONSTONE -(milky white) Protection, absorbs negativity, promotes confidence, psychic opening.

MOTHER-OF-PEARL -(iridescent white) Deepens emotional commitment, draws marriage, long-term love.
OBSIDIAN - (Black) Grounding and protection, wards off negativity.
ONYX - Emotional balance, self-control, binding, protection (specially against someone else's magick), strength
OPAL-(iridescent greenish white with orange, red) Promotes psychic opening and development, sensitivity to spirits. Once considered unlucky by those who feared psychic phenomena.
PERIDOT - Protection, prosperity, sleep, health, emotional balance, intuition

PEARL -(white) Peace, compassion, love. Pearls are said to retain positive emotions incomparably well.

RHODOCHROSITE -(pink and gray) Promotes sexual adventure, fertility, pregnancy.

RHODONITE-(pink and black) Helps healing of emotional pain, especially from loss of love or loss of a loved one. Helps requite grief, draw new love. Promotes reconciliations of parted lovers or friends.

ROSE QUARTZ -(pink) Love, happiness, self esteem.
RUBY - Prosperity, power, courage, integrity, joy; deflects nightmares
SAPPHIRE - Psychic abilities, inspiration, love, meditation, peace, dealing, power, prosperity, protection
SMOKEY QUARTZ - Healing, directing and absorbing energy, altered states

SODALITE - Sodalite is very similar to Lapis Lazuli and is often used in place of it. Promotes psychic development, clairvoyance.
SUNSTONE - Protection, energy, health, passion, sexuality

TIGER’S EYE -(gold and brown stripes) Promotes popularity, eloquence, persuasiveness. Helps improve communications. Also used for protection in travelling, and for protecting mechanical vehicles.
TOPAZ - Protection, healing, dieting, prosperity, love, emotional balance, tranquility, creativity
TOURMALINE - Love, friendship, prosperity, business, peace, sleep, energy, courage, protection inspiration; opens the Third Eye

TURQUOISE -(blue) Protection, good fortune, psychic opening. Considered very sacred.
ZIRCON - Protection especially from theft, beauty, love, peace, sexual energy, healing, mental alertness, emotional balance

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Re: herbs & stones
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i have a hematite that is silver-grey, not silver-black. i also have red aventurine and a grey-lace agate, if you know what these are for.
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