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Need some help....

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Need some help....
Post # 1
Hi guys! I need some help for two things.

1-I really wanted to know when the wiccan holidays are. I only know about Belthane and none else.

2-Can someone tell me how to make a Ouija board?
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Re: Need some help....
Post # 2
I hope you will understand )))
Wicca Holidays (Sabbats) Witch whole calendar contains 13 Full Moon celebrations and 8 Sabbats. They are also called "days of power." Four of the eight Sabbats are the days of the solstices and equinoxes, the astronomical beginnings of the seasons. When the Sun enters the sign of Aries - the vernal equinox occurs and the feast of Ostara, when the Sun enters the first degree of Cancer - it is the summer solstice and the feast of Lita, when the Sun enters the sign of Libra - is the autumnal equinox and the feast of Mabon, when the sun enters Capricorn - is the winter solstice and the feast of Yule. In these days happen and Sabbaths.

And the four Sabbath related to farming or genital cycle in animals - February 2 (Imbolk) Beltayn (April 30), Lammas or Lunasadh (1 August) and Samhain (October 31). Yule (December 21) holiday begins the cycle of fans of modern religion of the Goddess. (No wonder she and god-son and husband are the key symbolic figures of all the festivals of the cult, initially associated with fertility.) Yule - the holiday that marks the moment when the Sun is reborn.

The Goddess gives birth to a son of God, the Sun. (The birth of Mithra and Christ, too, is confined to this day.) Imbolk (February 2) marks the first appearance of the Goddess after the birth of God. It awakens the lengthening day. God is young, almost a boy, but his power is felt in the lengthening days. Imbolk - a festival of lights and torches.

Ostara (March 21), the vernal equinox - the next Wiccan celebration of the cycle. He is known as the first day of true spring. Goddess bless the Earth on fertility, it literally explodes from the inside after the winter sleep, the power of God is poured and husband.

He walks around the verdant fields and provides an abundance of nature. The Goddess and God impel the wild to breed suschstva Earth. Beltayn (April 30 - May 1) - a well-known pagan festival, marks the entry of the young God into adulthood.

By moving the power working in nature, He desires the Goddess. They are full of love for each other. The Goddess becomes pregnant by God. Mid-summer, the summer solstice (June 21) comes when a force of nature reaches its highest point.

This is a celebration Lita. Earth rocks on the waves of the fertility of the Goddess and God. Lugnasad - the first harvest, August 1.

The plants begin to dry up and crumble the fruit and seeds for us and for future crops. Mystically the same thing happens with God loses its power as the sun, shortening day. The Goddess looks sad and happy, imagining how God shall die, and then sit down and come to life against her as her child.

Mabon (September 21), the autumnal equinox - the end time harvest. began at Lugnasad. Once again, day and night are equal stli that shows that God is ready to die and go into the unknown, to his conception and birth of the Goddess.

Nature withers. Goddess slumbers under a weak sun, but it lit a fire in her bosom. She feels God's presence, even weakened. Samhain (October 31), this time parting with God.

This is a temporary farewell. He was born to the Goddess at Yule. This Feast Day of Death and apples, he celebrates the day of sacrifice. At this time, the fall in the ancient animals were sacrificed and prepared stocks for the long winter.
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Re: Need some help....
Post # 3
I did understand. Thanks a lot. Blessed be!
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Re: Need some help....
Post # 4
board can be done or made of wood or paper.
1) on a sheet of paper to write on your computer or print the entire alphabet and numbers from 1 to 0 - placing them in 3 - 4 rows. Below, the edges of contact of the word "Yes" or "no." Everything - the board is ready!
2) you take a piece of cardboard, you put a saucer on it - trace. Then, outside the circle on the edge of writing the alphabet from A to Z, in a clockwise direction. On top of the circle and the letters and numbers pishim, from 0 to 9. To the left of the circle write YES, goodbye. Right NO WELCOME. In the upper right corner of the coffin of paint, a little open, a person must always be closed. On the lid of the coffin draw a cross (required such as he is leading with a stick from the right end to the lower left). Left in the upper right corner draw burning candle. So take it gradually heat the dish over a candle, put in a circle. All the people (or you are one) on it with two fingers of any hand. And start to turn three times in a clockwise direction with the words: "Call the spirit of such and such such and such, Come Come Come!" Wait a bit and someone asks, "Is anyone here?" If a saucer spinning means yes! MUST hello and ask him whether ln talk to you. If so, start asking your questions. It is better to start with the simplest that can be answered unequivocally YES or NO. After the divination should be farewell to the spirit, wait and asks: "Anybody There?" wait and ask a few more times. After all, the spirit can deceive you and leave. And only if the dish does not move then remove it. Saucer, after guessing the best split.
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Re: Need some help....
Post # 5
i didn't really get the thing with the coffin saucer and candle
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