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Not magic?

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Not magic?
Post # 1

As you can probably tell by my question, me and my friend are pretty new to magic. I thought I would be fairly good at it, since I'm pretty good at tarot cards and guessing if coins are going to heads or tails.

Anyways, so we've been practicing for about 2 weeks, and we've finally decided to start our first spell. It was one on this site... I think it had to do with either bird transformation or companion dragons. We probably should've chose something easier, but hey, we were excited :)

I went home and got myself very relaxed. Then I got my little spell book (they're spells I collected from this website; I'm not selling the book or anything, It's just easier to read them on paper), sat in cross legged position, and started saying the spell. I could kind of feel something inside of me, and at the end of the spell, let's just say that I felt great! :D However, nothing ended up happening, and nothing happened for my friend, either.

She called me a while ago and told me this: "_________, there's probably no such thing as magic. And if there was, we're not witches or magical or something. Just give up!" And she hanged up. This left me pretty down, so here's my question:

Is it possible to just be not magic? Or, not be able to do magic?

I fully believe in it, so I really hope not. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Not magic?
Post # 2
Your friend is wrong we are all gifted with magick from the day you were born til the day you graduate from this plane. Remember
we all have the gift but most people walking this earth shut it off and some repress it so far down it would take a miracle to bring it back.I have a deep rooted belief in my abilities and as a healer have done some miraculous healings, it is you who is the force behind your magick and your belief, trust and faith in this gift will make it work better, I would recommend you start with the basics as these will lay the strong foundations needed to become the witch you want to be, if that is your goal.
Blessings and peace:
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Re: Not magic?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Many of the spells on this site are fake.

Transforming spells are definitely fake, the only shapeshifting you can achieve is while astral projecting.

Throw away your "book" from this site and get a real book

As for summoning, unless you can see spirits, you won't see anything, and it isn't a good idea to do these spells first.





You need to research magick first before performing anything. You need to know how to raise energy (every culture has a different way) and you need to know how to successfully direct that energy through clear focus and concentration. Words, ingredients, and ritual work are all ways to facilitate our minds. I hope this helps.

May the Spirits bless you and guide you.
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Re: Not magic?
Post # 4
Thank you for all your answers!

I did see a ghostly hand like shape when I was 7, but I don't think that counts ;)I'll go to that other site you gave me. My friend read your replies, and she agrees.

Once again, thanks!
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Re: Not magic?
Post # 5
I agree with, WhiteRav3n .

Just for kicks, I read through the "spells" tab, and had a good laugh .

I would go pass the label "fake", as some were just absurd .

Its a shame, that the "spells" section isn't monitored .

I'd like to add, in reading the "newbie central" and "articles" tabs . Those I've found informative, even as the old witch that I am .
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Re: Not magic?
Post # 6
Yeah, some of them are pretty odd!

I read the Newbie Central area. I'll read the articles, too :)
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