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a Voodoo doll spell?

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► a Voodoo doll spell?
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a Voodoo doll spell?
Post # 1
hello I was wondering how how to properly make a voodoo doll and enchance it so it actually works..but is voodoo magik really real? Or is it fake?
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Re: a Voodoo doll spell?
Post # 2
Voodoo is very real, it is a religion centered around some of the oldest spirits known to man. You will find the act of making poppets, dollies, dolls, voodoo dolls etc. is a practice that does not simply encompass the voodoo and hoodoo traditions, it is the idea of this equals that, or that the doll is a representation of the person we wish to affect. This is not only used for negative purposes, we may influence people in a positive way say for instance someone is dealing with a problem that is medical or a spiritual malady, we could use pins to pinpoint those areas and affect the person with healing energies, remember that each item we craft and work with may be used in both ways negative and positive, I will not be the one to lecture you on negative and positive both are part of the over all balance. Dolls are not only used for the sake of representing people, they also may be used an effigy to the lwa or honored ancestors, showing them respect by lovingly crafting a doll in their honor.

Usually in the tradition of hoodoo and voodoo dolls are stuffed with Spanish moss and then dressed with clothing from the person in question, if it is an effigy then it is decorated in the favorite colors of the lwa or ancestor, if their is a doubt to what is the favorite color meditate on it ask for the answers to come. We use to make dolls as children they would be of the people we loved and cared about, when we did this they would often be called our apple head dolls, apple head dolls we were told was an old tradition, the apples carefully pealed by our grandmother were then left in the sun to dry out. We would then take a stick and put it into the part of the apple that looked most like the bottom of the head, then another stick would be placed across the other making the form of a cross, tied together and then dressed.

However you choose to make your doll put it together lovingly, make your doll a work of art, something to be proud of, the more energy and care you put into the making of your doll the better chance it will have to do what you set it out to do. Then once your doll is crafted it must be baptized like any living object it must be given a breath of life, Here is an example of a ritual one might use to give a doll life force.

What you will need;

1. your doll
2. incense, frankincense, myrrh (these incense are considered holy to the spirits)
3. two white candles

Light the first candle and say;

May the holy of hollies be with us

Light your second candle and say;

May the spirit of my guiding ancestors be with us

Take up your doll and pass it through the incense smoke, pass it through as many times as you feel necessary, then hold your doll and say to it;

I baptize you in the name of Holy
In the presence of the guiding spirits
I name you (name)
you are given life (name) for (purpose)

Remember to give thanks to those who have shown attendance, offer food and drink. It is our custom that appreciation is shown through substance so that when we are in need again we will be answered.
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Re: a Voodoo doll spell?
Post # 3
Well said MentisAmor ;)
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Re: a Voodoo doll spell?
Post # 4
I will also agree with MentisAmor in the information given. I've even seen people do that same present day using of all things
KEN AND BARBY dolls dressed with clothing of the person they wish to work on.
Baptized in the same way given life called by name.
I have also seen both the ken and Barby used together in love binding ritual and tied with Red Ribbon and sometimes WHITE lace ribbon and dressed in wedding dresses.

Voodoo is very real as is Vodou Vodou is the Haitian tradition from haiti. Unfortunately we tend not to use dolls in haiti.
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Re: a Voodoo doll spell?
Post # 5
Thats really cool Mentis :)
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