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Cannot sleep whatsoever

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Cannot sleep whatsoever
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Cannot sleep whatsoever
Post # 1
Usually I fall asleep around midnight, sometimes even 11, but lately I haven't been able to fall asleep until four or five. I'll turn off all th lights and play soft music(I cannot sleep AT ALL if its silent, I cannot stand silence) but I can't sleep. Usually I'll fall asleep with in ten minutes. It wasnt a problem until tonight, because we had a few days off from school and I can usually stay up until that time, mostly around one on weekends. I didn't even notice the clock, I'll look up random stuff on my phone and watch TV until 12:30, when the shows I watch at night end end then I can fall asleep easy. I have spells a friend gave me that usually work, but they don't work at all. Usually I feel tired right when I get up, even if I sleep in late, but lately I just wake up and I'm awake, almost like I had just closed my eyes for a minute or two, even if Ive only had two hours of sleep. I cannot get back to sleep after I've already been awake for any amount of time, so I just lay there until its time for me to get up, and I get woken up from even the slightest movement outside my door.
So what I'm asking is, does anyone have any remides for this, magickal or non-magickal. Thanks in advance!

Blessed Be,
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Re: Cannot sleep whatsoever
Post # 2
I have had problems with sleep on and off for a long time as well. There are a lot of different things you can try. Lavender and chamomile both help in scent and as tea. Catnip tea helps with sleep some. Making sure you get adequate exercise early in the day, and taking an hour of "down time" with little for disruptions before bed can help. Taking a very warm bath with lavender or jasmine oil helps me a bit. When people have trouble sleeping it is usually recommended that they do not run electronics in their bedroom, at least close to bed time. Valerian root helps aide in sleep/relaxation as well and you can buy the supplements fairly cheap.
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Re: Cannot sleep whatsoever
Post # 3

I have the same problem sleeping... Because of several medical conditions, and in addition insane amounts of anxiety and stress. But I just actually came up with a mantra or chant to help in addition to my other methods, especially when medications don't help.

"I clear my mind of doubts, negativity, and unreasoning
I am calm, I am peaceful
Do not let my mind wonder, nor stray
Let my thoughts one by one fade away!"

It's simple and short, and it works for me, I just whispered it to myself softly as many times as I could until I fell a sleep.

Other methods that I use include the use of herbal remedies such as a special blend of tea that I make using chamomile, honey suckle, passionflower, lemon balm (Melissa) and a small dash of hibiscus and orange peel. I usually steep the herbs in water for five to seven minutes and then I strain them. If I am in the mood I will add a drop or two of Agave sweetener. I wouldn't use honey because if it's higher diglyceride amount, but that's just me.

I also usually try to meditate and listen to soft soothing music right before I get into to bed. And of course I would suggest not drinking any sort of caffeine or sugary beverage several hours before you go to bed. Also light is a natural stimulant that keeps people awake, so I would suggest lowering the lights to a dim faint degree an hour or so before bed, to help segue your body into the beginning of the 5 sleep stages.

Blessings and I hope this helps,


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