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Theory of Progression

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Theory of Progression
Post # 1
Theory of The Progression of Magick.

First, Realize that his diagram is a reworked version of Plato's diagram of the dividing Line between knowledge and belief. This is a Diagram I will use to explain what I believe is the way we should progress in the study and application of magick. Let it be known that this theory is completely debatable. Again, I encourage discussion and debate less I will come to the conclusion that you all agree with this, so please, help me by correcting where you feel I am wrong.

I |D) First Principle of Magick
|C) Knowledge of the Principles of Magick
II |B) Belief in the structure of spirituality
|A) The concept of spirituality

Now, to first begin, it must first be known that there is a correlation between (A,B), (C,D), and (I,II). This correlation is that the first leads to the second. So, I leads to II, as C leads to D, as A leads to B. This is important because it suppose to show, Theoretically, the progression of one who studies magick. Anyway, now that I have given a guideline as to the connection between every concept, it would only be wise to explain how such is so.

Let us start with explaining the first concept, (A) The concept of spirituality. This is the very first step on the ladder, where we first begin to understand that there is some governing force out there that connects everything together. This feeling that some spiritual presence exist is nothing more than a construct, or shadow towards something bigger. So that one understands, this level of progression does Not include the concepts of gods and goddesses, nor any form of a spiritual structure, simply the acknowledgement that spirituality exist. It is as, when I see a shadow, the shadow is not the same as the object that portrays the shadow, but what the object gives off. Therefore, If person A studies the shadow, he can only understand few things of the object, such as the shape, and perhaps the size, but by only looking at the shadow, he can never truly understand the object fully. Therefore, like this shadow, the concept of spirituality is nothing more than a construct left behind by the next branch. Before continuing, we must know that before we could ever hope to reach the next level of the ladder, we must first believe in a general form of spirituality. Obviously, we are all beyond that point.

It is from that first step that we can rise to the second step on our little ladder, (B) Belief in the Structure of spirituality. It is here that we begin to grasp a sense of our beliefs and fundamentals. It is here that we, metaphorically, begin to see the objects that portray such shadows. It is at this level that religion itself forms, which is where we mostly find ourselves just before we set out to find some truth and arrive to this, less it was another who helped bring us to this point, but none the less, we find ourselves here. This is where the first actual forms of magick occur, through what we call, prayer, or the Reliance of a higher being and force to make our will possible. This form of magick, prayer, is the first step before we begin to step into other forms of magick, and a good portion of the time, those who study magick often bring this use of higher beings to the next branch up.

As we have seen, The lower branch, (A) The concept of Spirituality has lead to (B) Belief in the structure of spirituality. Yet, these two make up the lower branch of the progression of magick, and only the beginning stages, where everything is based off of belief and opinion. It is here that everything remains in flux, such as "which gods and goddesses are the true ones?", "what rites and prayers are most effective?", etc. Now, I am not saying this to imply that there are correct and incorrect beliefs, I state this to show how, in these lower branches, which deal with higher spiritual entities, there are contradicting views, different beliefs, and a constant flux as to what is correct and what isn't. This is an area of discord, movement, and no actual One truth to be completely understood.

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, the correlation between A and B, where A leads to B, is the same for C and D, and I and II. Therefore, this lower section (I) leads to the higher section of the ladder (II). For the only way one can begin to understand the higher progression of Magick is if they first went through the lower stages in the progression of magick.

By understanding the structure of segment (B) of the latter, we can come to the conclusion that Magick is Not the use of higher forces to bend the will of some force connected to everything, but instead, the act of bending said force directly. That is where the first segment of the second branch appears (C ). In this part of the ladder, we finally begin to understand how to weave and use this force on our own, learning the system of spells, incantations, the use of objects and the reason for certain rituals. It is here that we also learn the many different correspondences between the world around us and this force, which aids us in our work. An example of this is the study of the different lunar phases, different times of day, direction, and the use of certain elements in order to aid our work in magick. Here, we begin to finally realize that there is indeed a true structure that is universal and not different with everyone. We see that for certain branches of magick, certain spells, and more so, certain works of magick, there requires certain guidelines, such as specific rituals for specific purposes, a structure to how spells are formed, and even more so, the fundamentals that lead one to be successful in the art. We understand that the properties of certain elements and how they relate to certain parts of our work. This is known as the principles of magick. Unfortunately, it is here that almost everyone seems to be stuck, never progressing any higher, and no, I am not saying I have, I am simply saying I have not met one who has.

Perhaps the heart of this theory is found within this last part. Once we understand the basic principles of magick, the principles that seem to govern the spiritual workings of energies that guide the world around us, we can then begin to move up to the very last segment of this ladder. I am theorizing that there is one more step, and that step I will call The First Principle of Magick. While (C ) focused on the knowledge and proper use of the forces that make up energy, The First Principle of Magick is the knowledge and understanding of the one principle that makes up all these principles, the knowledge and use of the one force that branches out to the many different forms of forces that govern and are governed by magick. It is when we first understand this branch that we can move beyond the use of specific guidelines, tapping into the very essence of magick to do all our workings directly. This means that the use of spells, incantations, rituals, moon phases, time, direction, stones etc. will be considered a lesser branch of magick because said force will be beyond such things. Though segment (C ) is the step below, were we not to get stuck in said step, we could rise to this, and reach the last part of the progression of magick, a step where we are beyond the need of the many guidelines and principles because we understand and can use the one principle, the one guideline that governs all others.

Let it again be said that this is all Theory, and should you disagree?. Say So!!! and give your reasoning, for the best way towards progress is through discussion and debate
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