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Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Cursed?? PLEASE HELP
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Post # 1
I have a close friend who has gone through a strange experience lately and I am wondering if anyone with better knowledge of 'witch craft' or 'black magic' could help me and let me know if this could have something to do with her being cursed. Sorry for my ignorance on the subject and for the long story. HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED.

So she started working a new job not long ago at a hair salon and immediately felt a negative energy in the workplace but ignored it. A co-worker also mentioned to her one of her first days their that he thought she had a very pure soul and shouldn't be working there. He never explained why really but told her a few times she shouldn't stay there. Another close friend of ours (who's mother is a spiritual reader of some sort) came into the salon often and from day one said the negative energy was coming from the owners wife who worked their named Mia. My friend said she seemed like a very envious mean girl sometimes but didn't think much of it. So lately she broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years and was noticeably upset at work one day. This Mia girl was being rather friendly and asked her about it and my friend told her why she was upset. She was being strange and awfully friendly towards her that day and started asking her if she was hungry and if she wanted to split lunch because she was starved. She said she wasnt hungry but Mia kept insisting they shared some lunch. Finally she said 'what about a bag of chips' and when she agreed Mia ran to the store quickly to get them a bag of party mix. They ate the party mix together in the back room of their salon and Mia was asking personal questions. My friend told her she planned on getting a tattoo to feel better and because she wanted a certain one for a while when Mia looked her dead in the eye and said "Wouldn't it be funny if he spelt it wrong" and then apperently stared her in the eyes while she laughed hysterically which creeped out my friend very much. She then said "well knock on wood' knocked on a metal table and walked away. My friend got the tattoo with an amazing artist whos done lots of my friends and hers before. It was spelt wrong after he showed her mulitple times how it looked and if she liked it. That same day at her Salon everyone said Mia was in a better mood they had seen her in years. The next time my friend came in the salon a day later she walked in a lost her vision and fainted. She left for a few days and when she returned Mia was there and the first thing she asked was "so did you get it done" My friend told her No and her face dropped and she didnt speak to her after that. This week my friend has been going through a series of strange unfortunate events (including her uncles death today when she went to visit him in the hospital right in front of her when he was not expected to pass).

I told her to quit her job but I do not have any idea what is going on here. My friends mother is going to do a reading on her although they give her severe migranes and make her physically sick because she is worried. When she told her what happened the first thing she asked was "did they share anything?' So if anyone sees a connection between all this please help me out here.
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Re: Cursed?? PLEASE HELP
Post # 2
That does seem a bit over the top as far as coincidences go. I believe that it is possible that Mia could have sent some negative energies towards your friend, but then again, you do not really know Mia do you? She could have really meant to be friendly.

I suggest that she do the reading even if it makes her sick. If you can, and are willing to, get her to participate in a ritual to cleanse her aura and to send the negative energies back towards the sender. Ask the mother of your friend if she would be so kind enough as to perform such tasks. Start protecting yourselves, because this could be serious.
A witch does not just pick anybody to torment.

Pm me if you have any more questions or concerns.

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