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Norse Creation Myth

Forums ► Norse Paganism ► Norse Creation Myth
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Norse Creation Myth
Post # 1

According to several texts, here is a brief overview of Norse creation mythology.

** Note: There is, as with many types of mythology, variation between sources. **

It began with a giant chasm known as Ginnungagap (seeming emptiness). This primordial void separated Niflheim ("house of mists") and Muspell ("home of desolation"). Muspell was a place of eternal light and heat, so extreme that those who were not born there could not inhabit it. Muspell is said to be ruled by the fire giant, Surt, who guards the borders with his flaming sword. (Mythology tells us that Surt is the one who will set the World Tree on fire during Ragnarok ). Opposite of Muspell was Niflheim, a world of ice, darkness and cold. There are several rivers flowing through this area, many of which are frozen, that connect both Niflheim and Ginnungagap.

Eventually, the hot and the cold clashed. As the ice thawed and melted, one drop took form and became Ymir (seething clay)- the first of the frost giants. Ymir was a personification of the frozen ocean. Along with Ymir, another drop took form and became Audhumla (the nourisher), who was a gigantic cow. Four great streams of milk flowed from her teats, which supplied Ymir with the nourishment that he needed.

After satisfying himself, Ymir slept and from his armpits he produced a son and daughter. Then, one of his legs birthed a son, the six-headed giant Thrudgelmir. From this, all frost giants descended. Audhumla became to lick the salt off an ice block for nourishment. As she licked, her rough tongue revealed the hair of a god. After awhile longer, a whole head emerged from the ice. Eventually, she licked enough that Buri (the producer) was freed from the ice entirely. Shortly after, Buri begot a son named Bor (born).

When the giants became aware of Buri and his son Bor they began to wage a war against them, as Gods and Giants were representative of opposite forces: good and evil. This struggle continued until Bor married Bestla, daughter of the giant Bolthorn (the thorn of evil). She bore him three powerful sons: Odin (spirit), Vili (will) and Ve (holy). The three sons joined their father, as they had no use for Ymir and his brutish offspring. They attacked and defeated Ymir.

It is said that as Ymir sank down, blood gushed from his wounds and produced such floods that all of his race (with the exception of Bergelmir and his wife) perished. From Bergelmir and his wife, modern giants were born. Odin, Vili and Ve took Ymirs body to Ginnungagap. Out of the giants flesh they fashioned Midgard (middle garden) as Earth was called. The solid portion of Midgard was surround by the giants blood and sweat, forming the oceans. His bones made the hills, his teeth became cliffs, and his hair became trees and other plant life. Then the Gods took the giants skull and positioned it above the Earth and it became the Heavens. From his brains they fashioned clouds. To support the Heavens, the Gods stationed the strongest dwarfs ( Nordi, Sudri, Austri and Westri) at the four corners.

Then the Gods fashioned two chariots: one of sun and one of moon. They perceived Mani (the moon) and Sol (the sun) who were both children of the giant Mundilfari. His daughter, Mani, married Glaur (glow). Both brother and sister were transferred to the sky and began to guide their chariots along their appointed pathways. Some myths tell that both the Sun and Moon were pursued by fierce wolves, Skoll (repulsion) and Hati (hatred), who only wished to overtake and swallow whole the objects that radiated light so as to make the world dark once more. At times, it was said the wolves overtook their prey, thus producing eclipses.

The Gods now summoned Nott (night), a daughter of one of the giants named Norvi, and gave her the dark chariot, drawn by Hrim-faxi (frost mane). One of her children was a very radiant God named Dag (day). They provided him with a chariot as well, drawn by the white steed named Skin-faxi (shining mane).

One day, shortly after they created all of this, Odin, Vili and Ve were walking when they came across two uprooted trees. One was ash and the other elm. From these they created the first man and woman. Odin breathed the spirit of life into them. Vili gave to them wits, consciousness and heart. Ve gave them hearing and sight. They lived on Midgard and from them came the race of men.

And this is the creation story, via Norse mythology.


Myths of Northern Lands by H.A. Guerber



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Re: Norse Creation Myth
Post # 2

Thank you for posthing this goddess i am very much into Norse mythology <3 It was very helpful.

Blessed Be

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Re: Norse Creation Myth
Post # 3
I had fun reading this, thank you =)
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Re: Norse Creation Myth
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
It is a good story, very interesting. But please remember that it is a "story". There are many such "creation myths" from all countries, races, since the beginning of time.
Terry Pratchet has an interesting one!
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Re: Norse Creation Myth
Post # 5
Interesting, can you complete the whole mythology? (although it's quite long)
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Re: Norse Creation Myth
Post # 6
Wonderful work Nox. As always, I loved reading your work :)
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Re: Norse Creation Myth
Post # 7
I posit that there is a close tie in with Sumerian myth, which I think is a corrupted version of what really happened thousands of years ago.
For instance I suggest a connection between the frost giants of Nifilheim and jottenheim and ancient Sumerian Gods known as the Nephilim, Ilu, or Elohim, or the Anunnaki.
The Anunnaki came to earth from another planet to mine gold, they need it to shield them from some radiation on their home planet. Digging gold became too hard for them and they're twenty feet tall so their mines had to be really huge.
One of them, Enki, and his sister NinHurSag genetically engineered creatures to do the work for them, humans.
Enki and NinHurSag used the DNA of evolved animals to do this. An example is the RH factor in some humans is a remnant of the Rhesus Monkey DNA used by the Anunnaki to create humans.
Enki and NinHurSag committed a terrible sin, they used their DNA to create a race of humans. They created caucasions.
Enlil, brother to Enki and NinHurSag and ruler of the Earth colony was furious and ordered all of these forbidden humans to be killed. Enki and NinHurSag did everything they could to protect them, or some of them. Taking them to northern Europe was the best way to protect them. Still bands of Anunnaki warriors would attack them where they found them.
Some of these forbidden humans made two cities, Soddom and Gamorrah. Enlil's sons Nergal and Ninurtu used nuclear weapons on these two cities. The radiation swept north and west to Sumeria where the Anunnaki had their major settlements along the Tigris and Euphrates. The Anunnaki were forced to flee the earth to survive.
Three Anunnaki remained, the son of Enlil Thoth, the son of Enki Marduk, and his sister Isis. They moved the remnants of the colony to the other side of the radiation, to Egypt. Thoth was given command of the colony because his Dad was in charge before the nuclear fall out mistake.
Marduk staged a successful coup against Thoth and Thoth was forced to flee to what is now Mezo America and he used his genetic engineers to create more humans, the Mayans and the Incas who called the flying machine of Thoth; Quetzecoatl.
Isis was furious at Marduk, who now called himself Ra and the one God. She tried to stage her own coup but was unsuccessful.

Along with humans, the Anunnaki created a race of beings called the Sheti. The Sheti are highly intelligent and used to be the technicians and administrators over the humans in the earth colony. The Sheti were created with some physical problems that would help the Anunnaki keep them subservient, primarily, sunlight kills them. So the Sheti have to live underground by day.
The Sheti took over in a successful coup against both Thoth and Marduk and the Anunnaki Gods had to flee the earth. The Sheti set themselves up as our Gods and so, the Abrahamic religions were born to exert control over the humans.
The Sheti exert some control over us to this very day. The Anunnaki will return and they will not be happy with the Sheti.
So who do we humans side with?
The Anunnaki created us to be slaves, the Sheti have manipulated us and made us warlike and highly proficient at war. Presumably to help them fight the Anunnaki when they return.

I know, it sounds insane but, there exists amazing evidence that all I've said is true.

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Re: Norse Creation Myth
Post # 8
I've never heard any of the things you just listed off. But, in general, most mythology connects around the globe in one form or another. Various gods with differing names but the same attributes. This story is just a story, as Bry said. I don't claim any of it to be "true".
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Re: Norse Creation Myth
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
This thread has been moved to Heathenism from Misc Topics.
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