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Meditation experience

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Meditation experience
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Meditation experience
Post # 1
This is what I did last night. I found it interesting, and saw value in sharing it.
I sat on the floor, cross-legged, and began by clearing my mind (not exactly an easy task for me). I chanted softly to myself- not anything in particular, just repeating a short line of made-up words I use for focusing. I grounded myself, picturing roots growing deep into the earth. I relaxed, and let my energy flow into the earth, taking with it all my stress and negativity. After several minutes, once there was nothing left to release, I started drawing fresh energy back up from the ground. This is all nothing new, I've done it a million times before, but on a whim I decided to try something different and incorporate the Chakras, or rather, my understanding of them.

Beginning at the base, I focused on drawing energy into my root chakra. While I was doing so, I meditated on some of the associations the root chakra has. I started with the elemental aspect, that of earth, because the elements were something I understood more readily. I concentrated on the feeling of the ground beneath me, and the heaviness of my body being pulled towards the ground by gravity. I imagined I was sitting on a slab of rock, and focused on the (imagined) feeling of the sun-warmed stone beneath me. I contemplated the issues of survival and stability, and felt a sense of security about me. After some time, I felt this chakra was "complete", and moved on.

For the sacral chakra I did much the same, starting with the elemental aspect (I imagined the feel of water softly misting down on me, then flowing over my lap as though I was sitting in a shallow river) then contemplating the more metaphysical aspects of the chakra. I did the same for the navel and heart chakras.

At the throat chakra, I focused on my chanting, and felt the universe resonate with each syllable. I felt reality itself, or at least the small bubble surrounding me, vibrating and undulating in response to my voice.

When I reached the third eye chakra I seem to have had some sort of shift in consciousness. I was no longer thinking or visualizing, at least not explicitly. I felt... a compression, I suppose, as though a vast amount of energy was being pulled into my body from all around. Time seemed both slower and irrelevant. My chanting, which had been growing faster and louder as I progressed through the previous chakras, became very slow and almost silent, although that could easily have been a change in my perception of it. My eyes were closed, but I could still clearly see the room as well as energy all around me, flowing, undulating, rippling. I felt a slight sense of anticipation, and a swelling of energy both without and within me.

I don't remember what exactly happened next, or whether I proceeded to the crown chakra. The next thing I recall I was dancing with my eyes closed. I felt exceptional, alive, powerful, vibrant. There was energy everywhere, brilliant white. It filled the room and I felt one with it. I danced, moving the energy all around. I felt euphoric.

A short time later I started to come down from this "energy high", and released all of the energy into the earth. I plan on repeating this experience tonight.

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Re: Meditation experience
Post # 2
Maybe you unlocked some sort of meditation method. You better write this down in your book of shadows or whatever you call it. This is really important.
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Re: Meditation experience
Post # 3
What an amazing experience for you. I really like the way that you ground and center for your meditations, and am glad you wrote it here for others to learn from!
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Re: Meditation experience
Post # 4
Next time take it a step further, if/when you get to the crown, imagine this euphoric energy around and inside you amassing just below the crown. Use this brilliant energy to "grow" a rather large flower atop your head, usually stemming from the point on your head where the hair swirl starts(to support the visual). Make sure this flower looks as beautiful as it feels, and being coupled with the roots you already have makes for a very powerful session. I sometimes let my petals drape down to cover my head completely.. Be well, :D
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Re: Meditation experience
Post # 5
This isn't anything "new", just not as popular I suppose. If someone hasn't given it intials or a cool sounding name people tend to hear about it less. As you may know, there's more than two flavors of energy out there, so to speak. They way you perform such meditations is up to the practioner but the result was chanelling of natural, or "elemental" energy. Its a whole communing with nature on a deeper level kind of thing. While this probably sounds like new age hippie-speak, its a very old practice and can be intense as well as useful, depending on your interests.
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