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Effectiveness of spells:

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Effectiveness of spells:
Post # 1
I know so many people who believe in spellcasting and the power it has over their lives, but I've yet to encounter some one who's actually had a spell work for them. I mean, I understand that spellcasting isn't at all the way its implied by the media - you don't mutter a few magic words over a bubbing cauldron and instantaneously have green hair or the ability to fly - it's more... envisioning your desires and sending them out to the universe in hopes that they will manifest.
Which, really, is much like praying, only with a more hands-on, ritualistic approach.
But I was wondering (and here is the question behind this whole post:), has anybody here had events in their life unfold in a way that they can prove beyond doubt was the result of a spell, and not just... happenchance?

I'm not here to question anyone's beliefs, or debunk their faith in spellcasting, I'm just curious.
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Re: Effectiveness of spells:
Post # 2
I have not yet cast a spell that hasn't had a profound effect on my life. I cast seldomly, as I feel little need to influence the natural unfolding of the universe. Spellcasting is putting ourselves in a position of personal resposibility. Praying is asking someone to do that on our behalf. Spell casting is directly affecting energy towards a desired outcome. Praying is simply asking another power to take that resposibility for you. Also, I doubt anyone is going to give you a detailed list of their successful spells. Anyone who does would, by me, be very questionable.

Spell casting is asserting our desires in the Knowledge, not the hope, that change will take place. Magick, however, is a way of life. It is about spiritual development. Magick, to me, is the Art of Optimum Conscious Living. If I had to choose between living a magickal life, and having the ability to perform spells, I would choose the former. People come to magick through spells. The truth is that spells are a bonus, if you like, to the magickal life, and not it's purpose. :)
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Re: Effectiveness of spells:
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Last year I thought my brother was losing his swimming competition so, I mentally casted a spell to make him win. I thought he lost but, a couple weeks later he was informed that the clocks on his side had been a couple seconds wrong and he actually won.
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Re: Effectiveness of spells:
Post # 4
Well, if it helps, a few months ago my girlfriend was having her physical fitness test, and she was at the time where she needed to run a mile in a set amount of time. She was at her last lap and was gradually getting slower, she's been stressing about the test and training for so long at I decided to help her by reviving some of her energy and forming the wind around her to help her.

We both were informed that her time was too late that day, but afterwards a couple months later she was given a note from the school on her test, it had said she passed.
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Re: Effectiveness of spells:
Post # 5
I'm just trying to figure out what's real, you know?
There are so many religious pathways that one could choose to follow. I was raised Roman Catholic, so I was taught to view everything else as a form of Taboo. But I've always felt this compelling force deep inside me, drawing me into the Wiccan religion. I'm just not sure if it's a subconscious desire to part ways with my Catholic roots, and rebel, or if perhaps, I'm feeling a real calling of sorts.
Actually, I'd like to request that if anybody has opinions on the matter, they message me.
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