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Tarot Learning

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Tarot Learning
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

So you choose to learn how to read the cards huh. It isn't very hard to do and it will let you understand yourself, or others, more better. There are a few factors that you will be reading today on this post that might not be read:

  1. Decks and Why?
  2. Searching For Your Partner!
  3. Basics on Spreads.
  4. Tricks and Spells.
  5. And lastly, The Reason!

Yup, 5 simple things you might be reading if you don't get bored and leave. If you found this post and wanting to read it, then this could be a sign from the Goddess herself! This post isn't for people that want to sound smart or prove this lesson doesn't help. This post was made for those who wish to learn Tarot. So please, read and take your time. Bless Be to you all!

Decks and Why?

You maybe thinking that Tarot is something to tell the future and getting it right. Heck, when I do readings in the open I still get that one person that says, "Hey he is telling the future, too bad it isn't true." So why would you think it is any different? First, they can be used to tell someone their future. The problem is since you don't know about your future you won't know if it is true or not. The other problem is it will tell you something that might happen in a day, week, month, year, centuries! Besides, why would you want to know about the future when it never happened? "Nothing is set in stones." I tell them that when they ask for their future because it is true.

One time, I was giving myself a reading with the Sword and the Shield (it has many names such as the cross and the sword and so on.). Thought it would be good practice and so on. I got the Ten of Swords on the future spot. I took that as if I was going to die or something in me was going to end. I went up to my friend, that also reads cards, about it. She tried to change my thoughts of what I read by saying it doesn't mean death, that it could mean that something about me will end or some other stuff. Well, she was right, I didn't read the card well enough because it wasn't me that died. It was one of my friends the week after I have done the reading.

I didn't tell you that story so you can worry about Tarot, because it wasn't the cards that killed her. It was her Dr. that killed her. They were trying to help me see something that could have been stopped.

When you get your deck, or already found one, you need to understand something about the cards. They don't have voices your ears can hear. Their only voice is the symbols they show on the picture. So if you do a reading on someone you get an idea on what the cards mean. That is why we ask them questions or let them explain. The way that I see it, Tarot is a mirror that reflects one self. It can only show the person and who is behind them. If you turn the mirror then it will show more behind but less of the person. We are the ones that holds the mirror in front of them and only we can tell them what is on the mirror. That is how I see Tarot reading as, we don't just do a spread and you get all the answers and know how to explain them.

You still wish to go on with Tarot training? Good, the first step is to get some history behind the cards. The more you know about something, the more you can control it. Tarot first started in China, they don't know what year it started on but it was first founded in China as a card game. Don't ask me how to play their card game because I don't know how, if you want to learn then you can try to search it up. To was later on introduced to Europe in the 1375 by the Gypsies. Then later on in 1788 it was published for the use of Division. That is a short sum of how they got started, if you want to learn more then do some research on other things about the Tarot.

Searching For Your Partner!

Am sure most of you have already heard on how to get a deck. Every Tarot reader should know this by heart because it is that simple. If your searching for a deck to call your Partner you need to go to a store with lots of different decks. Online stories are not that helpful. Yes they have lots of different decks, but you cannot hold them and feel them. When your inside a store you can hold them and feel their energy. The one that catches your eyes the most is the one that is calling you out the most. If you want to buy two or more, you can. But if your new you may as well buy one to start off. After you get used to it and understand it more you can go back to the store seeing if you still 'need' it. Be sure not to get someone else to go to the store and buy one for you. It isn't fair for you or the deck because that deck is also looking for the right person, that is why they call out to you.

Some decks will have titles such as "Starter Decks" or "Beginner." That is all right, even if your well trained in reading and you loose your deck. If it calls out to you then it doesn't matter if it was made for starters, because it was made for you. Now a days I see decks with odd pictures and look more Gothic then anything else. Go for the deck that calls you out, not one that you want to get because you love vampires and that is a vampire deck. I love zombies and the undead, but that doesn't mean I picked a zombie deck. I felt nothing grand of it.

Once you got your Partner you have to get well known with them (you can call your deck her or him, I don't care). Talk to her deck, send your energy passed your deck, tell it that you and them were made for each other. If you don't want to look silly or just can't do any of the above, then you can just keep giving yourself readings. That is what I have done when I got my deck. For some odd reason I just wanted to keep doing readings for myself over and over day after day. My deck knows who I am and listens to me as I listen to her.

I heard a story about my friend one time. He had his own deck and he was very good and spot on with the readings (so I heard). He never let anyone touch his deck or pass energy into it. That was just his way of giving readings (what he really did was took your energy, you knowing or not knowing, and passed it into his deck so it can give the right reading). Then another one of my friends got his deck and shuffled it trying to give someone else a reading (this is a big no no in Tarot readings. You never take someone else deck and read with them). Ever since then, his cards never worked for him.

We all have our ways on giving readings. My way is by letting the person shuffle my deck and I lay out the cards to read them. I trust myself and my cards enough to know it won't mess up or not work with me ever again. So choose how you will read other people. I even saw someone using his necklace to read me. Whatever you want you can do and if another Tarot reader says otherwise then they don't know much about Tarot.

I'll post the other lessons when I have time. Until then Bless be and work on your skills!

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Re: Tarot Learning
Post # 2

Lovely lesson.

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