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Divine power

Forums ► Wicca ► Divine power
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Divine power
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Who do you think is the divine power of the world? I have heard of the lord and lady. But how are they related to Wicca? What is your opinion on the lord and lady? Also, I've heard about the Council Of Elders. Do they have a relationship to the lord and lady? Is there a relationship between them and Wicca? From what I have researched, the Council Of Elders are a group of old wise powerful spirits that lives in the astral realm. And they decide if you reincarnate or he future of your soul. Correct me if I'm wrong. I have cd recordings of this native American named Krow that channels a spirit named Red. He CDs are recorded in a studio and people would ask Krow/Red questions and stuff. The CDs came in five recordings about a hour long and they explain crossing over, death, creation of the earth, spirit guides, natural disasters, Council Of Elders, etc. I haven't listened to them all. But wouldn't the recordings prove that the Council of Elders exist? I haven't been much studying about the Lord and the Lady. Also, I read that most gods and goddesses start out has a thought being. I read that in the astral realm there is a place that stores human wishes, fantasies, dreams, stories, etc. So basically, when a group of humans believe in something, the power of belief/faith gets stored up in the astral realm, then when more people believe in that god/goddess the it becomes a thought being. When enough power is put into it, that thought form becomes a thought being which becomes a real god/goddess/spirit/divine being.. I think that's how the Egyptian gods and the Greek gods where formed. What do you think? Correct me if I am wrong. Sorry for overwheleming you with questions, bit I would really like it I you'd answer all of them. I'm actually still learning the craft. Thx! Blessed be!
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Re: Divine power
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
The Lord and Lady are only representatives of the belief in Wicca. Witchcraft is many thousands of years old, and is the belief that all creation comes from the elements; Earth; Air; Fire (Sun); and Water. The fifth element is Spirit; that is the life force.Because of the gravitational "pull" of the moon this has always been "the lesser earth"; and has had many names over many centuries. The main ones are Isis,Hercate,and Diana; but there are many more.The beliefs of ancient witches had little to do with "spirits" or "angels"; these are mainly Judeo/Christian concepts. Witchcraft was all to do with the study of plants and animals;the movements of the stars; Mother Earth. The healing qualities of herbs. Protection from "negative energy".
So,now, the Lord is, and has been for many,many years,the Sun; the Lady is the "reflection" of the Sun,the Moon. I hope this helps you to understand the "modern" term Wicca, and the oldest belief in the world---witchcraft. I don't know anything of your Krow/Red, but those CDs sound like a money-making scheme to me!
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