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Need help casting a spell

Forums ► General Info ► Need help casting a spell
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Need help casting a spell
Post # 1
Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum. I have been wronged and treated unfairly and now I am very hurt that I am unable to recover and I feel so weak physically and emotionally. Yes, that is it the extent this person has impacted me.

I was pressurized, tricked, emotionally manipulated and taken advantage of being vulnerable in my difficult times and then this person turned around and changed the story. Here is the story, my senior coworker who is a natural flirt charmer chased after me for a year. I was strong for a year and never gave in and he worked his way through in gaining my trust. He became my friend, earned my trust and made me depend on him as a friend and we ended up having a romantic relationship where he treated me like I was the only. But then he was long time married and said he did not love his wife but suddenly he comes back and tells me he cant do this further and dumps me just like that. And the next day his wife finds out and sends me an email where she is claiming that I stop coming after her husband. The way he framed it was I pursued him. What a liar !!! I could have let it go but I remember how much he chased after me. Now he is a person who floats in richness, multi-millionaire with a house, boat, luxury and I am simple down to earth person where material things never meant anything to me. The fact that he can so easily destroy people's lives while he enjoys is not fair. I want to cast a revenge spell on him that will strip him off his wealth, job and marriage. He needs to learn a lesson that because he is rich, he can get away with anything.

Can anyone please help cast a spell on him ?

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Re: Need help casting a s
Post # 2
It's not wise to cast revenge spells and it's best to let the universe gives what's coming to him. While not everyome believes in karma or th 3 fold law, there are things out there that will pursue making sure justice is served, even if it is not in his current life time. By the actions he has apparently done, he is letting the entire universe know he is emanating nasty energy. Do you want the rest of the universe to see you in the same light he is in? I would hope not.
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Re: Need help casting a spell
Post # 3
Agreed Eis. Let the law of three catch up with him. What you did will come back to you 3 Fold
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Re: Need help casting a spell
Post # 4
Dear EisKora,

I see your point but I often see how people like this get away and innocent victims like me suffer. Why should I let him go, especially if he is capable of doing this to other women ? He is so proud of his wealth and power that he thinks he is invincible. May be nature needs a little help to teach him a lesson ?

I know but I cant help because I feel so victimized and hurt.

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Re: Need help casting a spell
Post # 5
Bind him so that his charms...mess...him up. :D

Or perhaps do a little something so that he gets done to him what has
been done to you (and possibly others).

Or maybe something fun like a truth spell, I'm sure his wifey wouldn't be
too happy to hear some of the interesting things he's done in the past.


On another note, the chances are this man has done this in the past,
then to you, and probably continues to do so. This is why affairs
aren't really that good to go through with. See, the married person
in the relationship obviously doesn't want to divorce their hubby
or wifey, otherwise they would've done so beforehand. He
played you, and I can understand the wish for revenge.

That said, I assume you only came looking at magick because of
this event, and because of that the above listed things I wouldn't
recommend to you as they all are more in depth than someone
who is new to magick can do.

If you want to however, I can teach you basics and through them you
can do the above. But a forewarning is that basics isn't done in a night,
week, or month really. Most people have to work at them for a while
in order to get them, and I won't teach someone who only wants to
learn just to turn around and give up on magick as soon as they get
the result they want.

If you actually want to learn magick (outside of causing harm to the
one who has caused you harm) then I am here. If you don't, please
call his wifey or email her with what actually happened. Perhaps
include important dates when things happened, maybe pictures
of you and this man together, etc, and that he obviously messed up
when he responded to any advances on either side as evidence that
her hubby isn't an innocent man.

(Sorry for any awkward spaces, I had issues with the forum...for some reason it decided to run right off the page.)
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Re: Need help casting a spell
Post # 6
Thank you so much Adriana for replying ! Yes I would like to learn magick, not for this but because from a young age I have been wanting to but never knew how to learn. This time my broken heart heard its calling. :) Please tell me how I can reach out to you ?
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Re: Need help casting a spell
Post # 7
There are multiple ways to get ahold of me. The easiest way is if you join the coven I'm in currently that way you can catch me on chat and we don't have to mail back and forth or spam up chatter. XD
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