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UK Church of Satan

Forums ► Advertisements ► UK Church of Satan
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UK Church of Satan
Post # 1
We are pleased to announce our website is now up and running.

The Aim of the church is to be a fully affiliated organisation here in the UK.

Bringing satanism back into this era with a a modern take on the doctrine.


Re: UK Church of Satan
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
That's awesome! ... I wish I lived in the uk

Re: UK Church of Satan
Post # 3
this is good for some people but not others i dont mean to be rude but this will hinder some peoples futre neccecityes

Re: UK Church of Satan
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
I do live in the UK. And this so-called church has nothing to do with magic, which is the purpose of this site.

Re: UK Church of Satan
Post # 5
You are mistaken there brysing, LaVeyan / Rational Satanists do use magic through ritualistic means with the concepts of greater and lesser.

When we use the psycho drama in our rituals it is to stimulate the potential within our selfs, to attain emotional gratification and the drive to attain what it is we are desiring, turning emotions in to a transmittable force.

A very effective method of Magic

Re: UK Church of Satan
Post # 6
This is new to me, but i guess we learn something everyday =D

Good luck with your church!

Re: UK Church of Satan
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
Darkermaster, I didn't say satanists do not use magic; I said "this church" has nothing to do with magic. Satan is a Christian concept. The angel Lucifer falling from heaven into hell. It is the old religious idea of punishment and control. Do what we say, believe what we believe, or you will burn in hell. It is utter rubbish.

Re: UK Church of Satan
Post # 8
Brysing You have based your response on Christian ideology, Satan is noting more than a name

Do LaVeyan / rational satanists believe in the concept of heaven and hell no, do we believe that satan is a real deity no.

We laugh at all rubbish stifiling dogmas of divine punishment, we know they are utter rubbish.

Satan to the LaVeyan and Rational Satanist is simply an Idol, name and symbolical figure. Yes we can feel his presence but only as an extension of our ''self'' getting a personal sense of ego gratification by feeling our own potential, when we look at pictures and figures of Satan in whatever form, we are looking in the mirror and getting a reflection of what we are, which is symbolically what Satan stands for the carnal side of man, his strengths are my strengths.

Re: UK Church of Satan
Post # 9
Brysing Might I suggest (without trying to sound rude here) that you actually know what you are talking about before commenting on something as you so rudely put it as " Utter rubbish" you truly have no understanding of the practice or what it is actually about!

As for the concept of Heaven and hell you are very much mistaken that we actually believe in the stifling dogma "believe what we believe or burn in hell" there is no heaven or hell in our practice.
Furthermore like Darkermaster explained neither do we believe in satan as an entity or any other divine being, control or punishment.

Re: UK Church of Satan
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
Do you really think I don't know what I'm talking about? I know who Anton LaVey was. He is the Jewish/American founder of the satanist church.He is a self-styled "preacher" of the occult. With his shaven head,styled eyebrows,and his fu manchu beard and moustache, he obviously models himself on a latter-day Alisteir Crowley. Yes,I have read some of his writings, or rather rantings. If you wish to believe his "satanism" you are entitled to do so. But there are children on this site who might be unduly influenced by your so-called "church".

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