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Help please? I'm afraid.

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Help please? I'm afraid.
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Help please? I'm afraid.
Post # 1
I just joined and I'm really hoping this is the place I should be. I haven't been able to find anything else today where I can post what I'm going through and not get snarky replies telling me I should seek mental help.

I'm a twenty six year old girl. My husband and I just moved into our apartment about five months ago. And last night I found myself overcome with this crushing fear. I felt like someone was watching me, staring at me, but I couldn't see anything. For the proceeding hours and all of today, I have the feeling of prickles all over (like pins and needles). I'm very anxious and on edge, jumping at every sound, including my cats.

I spoke with my best friend who knows that I'm interested (and always have been) in spirits and metaphysical things. I told her I never get this frightened, ever. She mentioned to me (as I'm Catholic) that perhaps something demonic could be around me. I, of course, passed this off as nothing. But the more I thought about it, the more even I wondered. So I did some research. As most things you research, I was sure that most of the things I read had happened to me, including the mood swing and the feel of someone just staring. I tried not to think about it too much but I found myself even frightened to be alone in my own apartment. Nothing has actually happened at this point. I stood against the wall while on the phone with my best friend because I couldn't stand any open space to my back and I found my arms and fingers were finely shaking. I finally convinced myself to go into the bedroom. While in bed, I kept hearing one of my cats meowing very loudly. I walked out of the bedroom each time but the cat was fine, laying on my husband's shoes.

Today, I tried to believe I had just had one of those nights. Then the feelings started up again. I feel someone watching me and the pins and needles are all up and down my arms, and along my spine. I attempted one thing I read online that said to command the presence to leave. For about an hour I was sure that it had gone. I couldn't feel anything. Then it was back. While I was washing dishes, I spotted my cat sitting in the curtain with just his nose and eyes peeked out. (This is the same cat I heard meowing the night before) As I watched him, he didn't blink. He didn't move. He just stared at me for minutes on end. And then I got the feeling back again.

Just a few moments ago, I heard a knock on my door. (It was a very tell tale knock. The da-dada-da-da then da-da. I jumped practically out of my skin and the first thing I did was go to the back window and close the curtains. I don't know why. Then I went to look out the peep hole and no one was standing there. It took a few minutes to get myself to open the door but when I finally did, I saw nothing, heard nothing, until I started to walk back inside. That's when I noticed a long horizontal scratch on my door. It's indented and I've never seen it before.

I'm really worried and I swear I'm not crazy. I just need some help. Someone, please tell me what I can do. Please.
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Re: Help please? I'm afraid.
Post # 2
The most commonly used item suggested would be sage. Any metaphysical store carries this in a small bundle (smudge stick), however if you do not have a store like this near you, you can easily find it in the spice section of your grocery store. Ideally you want the leaves, but so long as you can burn it safely, you'll be fine.
Walk around your house with it burning and say some form of affirmation clearing the house of any unwanted energies. Honestly, you can say any you'd like and call on any higher power you like to get the job done.

Since you mentioned you are Catholic, go to your church and ask if you can have a small bottle of holy water or see if the Priest does house blessings. If you get the water, mark it on the doors and window sills , again, with the affirmation that this is your house and anything you don't want there needs to leave now.

The hardest thing to do...is to be assertive. It's your home. It's your call. Nothing should be there that you do not want there...so act like it. Don't show fear, and say out loud that this is your house now.

Once you feel a little bit better about the energy in your house, sprinkle some salt on the outside of the door and window ledges for a little protection.
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Re: Help please? I'm afraid.
Post # 3
You have no idea how relieved I feel that you didn't tell me to get professional help. I know this probably sounds so out there. I just really don't feel safe and it happened so quickly. I have to wait for my husband to get home so we can go pick up some sage, so I think i'm going to get out of the house for a little bit. Thank you so so much for your help.

I'm not one to SAY it's a demon or something. I just don't know what it could be.
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Re: Help please? I'm afraid.
Post # 4
I would visit your priest and ask him to bless your home. Michael the Arch Angel is a protector, you may also buy his statue and ask for his protection and help. You can find his statue at Catholic stores, and once again, your priest might be able to find one for you. There are all kinds of home cleansings you can do using sage, incense, candles, salt, and holy water but work with your priest first and see what happens. Rilke
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Re: Help please? I'm afraid.
Post # 5
To add to Samandiriel's suggestions, here's what I would also do.

Keep a flame buring in your house 24/7. First take a super-thick glass or glass bowl and boil it in water. This is done to ensure that it doesnt break when you use it as a lamp. Add a little water to the glass(very little). Top the glass with oil, add a floating wick and light with a prayer for protection. Ensure that you light another one before the first lamp extinguishes. Thoroughly wash the glass that has been used, before use it again.

Use an oil lamp shade to prevent any breeze or wind from extinguishing it. I have 4 oil lamps burning in my house all the time (no, I'm not crazy, I have a big house)

This is what a floating wick looks like, available at metaphysical shops http://ny-image3.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.90053319.jpg

But if not, click below and learn how to make a wick from a bottle cap. Looks easy. http://funditor.110mb.com/FloatingLamp.html

Also call on Archangel Micheal (Angel of protection). Keep pictures and mini statues of him in every room. Before falling asleep visualize him guarding your bed, along with each and every door and window of the house.

And last but not the least believe that you are safe and protected at all times. Dont feed your fear by giving in to it anymore.

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Re: Help please? I'm afraid.
Post # 6
I highly doubt it's a demon.

Many times, when we move into a new home we have to deal with left over energies or previous tenants who don't want to leave. They don't always show up on the first night either.

Both are usually triggered by something. For example if you owned a home and the original owners spirit didn't leave, doing renovations tend to "wake" them up. Left over energies (for example years and years of physical and verbal abuse in that place) can be triggered by a moment of similar to what the energy stemmed from in the first place.

As I said, I doubt it's a demon. They don't tend to hang out in apartments waiting for victims to show up. Not everything that causes annoyance or fear is an actual demon.
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