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Save my dad

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Save my dad
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Save my dad
Post # 1
Hello world,

My Dad has cancer, Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, large diffused B cell. He was diagnosed in December 2008, he's had 2 relapses ever since, despite the chemo. Doctors are beginning to shrug shoulders. He doesn't want to go. He's open to healing. Can anyone help him?

Re: Save my dad
Post # 2
try quarts

Re: Save my dad
Post # 3
Even magical/complementary holistic healing can not cure cancer but it may help ease the pain and discomfort from tradional/medical treatments,
I would suggest maybe you could find a well recommended holistic practioner if your are still wanting to explore complementary holistic healing.
I understand where you're coming from as my mum died of stomach cancer, your dad is my thoughts and prayers and I wish you and him all the best.

Love and Light

Re: Save my dad
Post # 4
ill send you some positive energy pm me with a pic of him

Re: Save my dad
Post # 5
he should stop chemotherapy immidiaelty!!!!!!!!!!! it is killing him. There are 2 ways u can heal from cancer.

nr1. There is a cure in called dicloreacetate(not sure if thats the right spelling in english), and it exists in canada it is made from some canadian plants, and u cant find it in stores because it is too cheap, for farmaceutical companies it does not bring money. It has been scientificaly proven that DCA(dicloracetate), kills cancer cells while leaving healthy celss intact. (chemo kills both, thats why he should stop it)
(il see if i can provide the link if i can find it)

nr2. alternative healing. if u decide to go to an alternative healer, i dont know where u live, but heres some advice, an true alternative healer will never tell u: ok, its no problem, we will fix ur fathers condition, and false promises of healing. Run away from those kind of people.
A true healer will say i will help your father as much as he will allow me, or as much as he opens up to my energy.

Now if u dont find a suitable healer, send me a pm on this side containing ur details, country, city, name, surname, and i will direct u. My spiritual teacher is a healer for 50 years, i know people that he has succesfully healed of cancer, i have seen with my own eyes a leg of a man that had gangrene turn from dark purple to healthy pink in a matter of minutes. Healing can be done if hes on the other side of the planet, but for heavy conditions it is best to be physicaly present.

You must be aware of this, every sickness manifests from a problem, and so does cancer. People with cancer are usually people that have suffered great stress in their lives.

Wish the best of luck to your father and yourself.

Re: Save my dad
Post # 6
forgot to say cancer is easily cured, it just takes a lot of willpower from you father.

Re: Save my dad
By: / Novice
Post # 7
What I would suggest is to pray/petition to Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez, ask that he help in your case. You could also pray/petition St Jude, who works in cases of despair.

Rather than doing a spell or petition so the cancer disappears, go with a spell/petition to create the best conditions for the cancer to be treated.

Re: Save my dad
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Also add St Expedite to that list, he hurrys along your situation so praying in conjunction with him will speed the recovery up.

Re: Save my dad
Post # 9
Excuse me mayday, but unless you are a licensed doctor, please do not tell someone to stop the treatments they are receiving. If you have no medical training, you are in no position to tell someone what will and will not work based soley on an article you read somewhere.

Furthermore, cancer is not caused from "stress" in someones life manifesting.

There are a few companies in the US who specifically test cancer samples to see what drug treatments will and will not work. Typically you have to ask your doctor straight out to have it sent to these companies. If you need more information on it, feel free to mail me. In the mean time, I will send energy his way.

Re: Save my dad
Post # 10
do you even know what chemotherapy is ? do you know what it does to your body?

i knew people that died from cancer and i still know people that cured it.

not even gonna comment on the furthermore part since u cant quote correctly or u didnt understand that sentence.

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