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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Half-Demons
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Post # 1
Ok, so I've been cycling through "Spell Suggestions" and decided that the term "Half-Demon" needs to be addressed and made already.

To start off lets address WHY?

Most people want to become "Half-demon" because of some urge they feel inside to be evil. Not only that, but people also expect to change physical form or even manifest power from the underworld to destroy enemies(gain strength, speed, ect).


Becoming a Half-Demon is a spiritual thing that needs to be put as such:

A Half-Demon is a Human of Evil intentions and who's chakras' are either off balance or filled with Negative energies (this usually reflects onto the physical body depending on how unbalanced or negative the Human is).

To Be Continued... Part 2 "How"

Re: Half-Demons
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
People think it's cool to be evil between particular ages.

Re: Half-Demons
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
If they actually encountered a truly evil person, they certainly wouldn't think of it as 'cool'. They'd be running and calling for the help of good people.

This post doesn't really add up, though. You're working under the Christian assumption that all demons are necessarily evil.

Re: Half-Demons
Post # 4
Darkness is not bad, light is not good.

Demons are the same, neither good nor bad. They are the same as humans, with thoughts, feelings, and a mind with which to decide what they want to do. This means a demon may like me, and the same demon wants to try to eat your face. Or it may like me today, but not tomorrow.

As for being off balance, and filled with negative energies making you half-demon...at one point I was a lovely little kid, stealing energy from others to give myself a kind of rush (which easily messes up your chakras), and a bit after that, someone close to me died and I lost it, ended up with a bit of void energy in my heart chakra that I didn't want to get rid of so it stayed. Did that for...5 or 6 years.

Was I a half demon? Nope. All it meant was that I had a little void energy inside me and that as a kid my morals were a little less nice than they are now.

As for demons being all negative and off balance...that is total silliness and utter bull. Demons are as negative as they want to be and while they are more dark than light, they are not off balance, but rather this is their form of balance.

Read this post if you want to learn a little about demons, light, and darkness kid.


Re: Half-Demons
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
So many Wiccans seem to be so severely ignorant about this whole 'good/evil' thing. In fact, all white light religions tend to be like that. It's annoying.

Re: Half-Demons
Post # 6
Well, gotta remember, most wiccans and the white lighter religions are just that, anything that looks scary is scary. They have taken a common misconception about light and darkness and called it truth. As for the demons bit...a goddess can be a demon if you title her so, but it doesn't make her a demon. Sekhmet's actions could be considered those of a demon, but in fact she is a goddess. And also, too many of the "light is good" people are newbs who have just changed over from christianity...so its to be expected that many of them become confused and use the old standards of belief.

Re: Half-Demons
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Tha's fair enough, of course. Many people become Wiccans, preaching against Christianity, yet still regurgitate some of the misconceptions they took from that religion's ideology.

Re: Half-Demons
Post # 8
Kairin I totally agree with you, plus the fact it's funny how you dont actually see people who lean towards the light/positive side of magic asking how do I become half angel!
I acknowledge the need for the there to both a balance between good/evil, positive/negative in ones life because without it we cant learn the lessons needed to develop our souls by which ever path we choose be it the way of light or dark intent.

Love and Light

Re: Half-Demons
Post # 9
Cazzer/Azfodelos the darkness doesn't scare me. In fact their the easiest to be manipulated.

Raven: Thank you so much :3 Glad to see someone Light on this site..

Re: Half-Demons
Post # 10
Also for those who are up in arms about Kairins post stating demons charkas are off balance ect, If you care to take the time to read his post again, you will find its about humans wanting to be half demons not "full demons" so the charkas he is refering too are human ones.
Also you could also say the goddess I houour is a demon if you read every myth about her, but I dont see her that way and she has kept me srtong in times of need, in the end everything comes down to out own truth which we hold within our own heart.

Love and Light

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